Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters -Words Of Appearances – 1 June 2013

gods20handGod said:

What does it mean, God First? Does it mean to drop everything and do nothing but think God? Indeed, there could be a few who have this as their route, perhaps destined from birth. This route is not likely to be yours.

Certainly, your thoughts may be on Me which is the same as to say your thoughts are on the Highest, for Love is the Highest. That which you call Good is the Highest, yet what is good depends upon your perception.

Giving is the Highest, yet not always. Giving away may not be the Highest. Giving away may be an easy way out and not the Highest. It all depends, and that is the world you live in. It is called the relative world. Saying relative world is another way to say that it depends. It depends on your Willingness, and it depends upon your Motive, and it depends upon you-know-not-what.

Certainly, what the world says and what the world does may not be the same. So enters dichotomy. Sometimes it must feel to you that living in the world is doing a juggling act, and what you have to juggle isn’t clear, and it goes too fast, and the parameters are always changing. Sometimes in the world it seems like you can never be sure.

One thing you can be sure of is that appearances do not tell the whole story. May well not. Words do not tell the whole story, and so we have fables about sly foxes and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

There are some in the world who seem to serve to the utmost, and there are those who seem to be served to the utmost. Even the served are serving. Does this make sense to you? There are such things as free will and duty, and free will may seem like fiction to those who are bounded.

Everyone’s perception is different, and everyone’s life is different, and, yet, there are elements that are the same.

The world is often not capable of being understood. It keeps switching around like a horse’s tail.

And so, attention on the Highest is attention on the Unchanging. It is attention on Truth, Love, and the All-Knowing Being you may know as God. By any name, I AM, and you ARE. The world is constant in its changeability. I am constant by My stability. And you waver. You are tossed around, perhaps in a sea of confusion or indecision.

But you know, it doesn’t matter all that much. You matter. If you were an ocean liner, it wouldn’t matter what the sea is like on a given day. It matters the furrow that the prow of the ship you are makes. An ocean liner plows through a rough sea as well as a calm one. And, so, you furrow through life. You have your course, and you follow it.

Of course, My Children do not always know where they are headed. They may be going full-steam ahead they know not where. There is this that is certain, however. You will reach a destination. You as a great ship will come to a mooring place. Christopher Columbus sailed straight ahead to India and so discovered the Americas. He discovered. Who can say that he made a mistake to reach different shores from the shore he set out to reach? And the rest is history, as it is said.

God First means that I am the first to welcome you wherever you may find yourself. God First means One God, and that same One God, by whatever name, is within you. You are your Destination. You are on your way to your Self. Enjoy the trip, beloveds. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy Me. Enjoy you. Enjoy all the ships at sea. / link to original article

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