John Ward – The Paedofile : Part 2 Of A Slog Special… – 1 June 2013

John WardHow Cumbria County Council hired a paedophile-pimp childkiller in its child protection department…and promoted another employee while he stood trial for distributing paedophile pornography

And why MP Madeleine Moon is unlikely to take any real action in Bridgend

Yesterday, I posted at some length about how Conservative Under Secretary of State Edward Timpson is a dyed-in-the-wool member of the Care System being set the task of reforming that system….and doing everything but that. In today’s second part of this study of contemporary systemic child abuse in Britain, The Slog looks in more detail at how tribal instincts promote cover-ups of every kind, and with astonishing regularity, at local government level.

Having been hounded by a couple of irate ‘care’ system workers following recent Slogposts about endemic perversion in Britain’s childcare system – “it’s just more conspiracy theory fantasy” etc etc – I thought last week it might be useful to put the ‘rarity’ claim to rest. However, since then so much evidence of rotten local government has come to light on the subject, this has turned into a Slog Special double-header. My goal – along with thousands of other commentators – is to once and for all end the glib “it’s only a small problem” drivel put about by the likes of Edward Timpson.

We start in Bridgend.

A Walesonline post of five weeks ago recorded how Bridgend Council’s  Serious Case Review (SCR) into the care of Child S found she was left in the care of a carer…even though the Council knew he had a record of sexual offences against children. Her case was passed to a new social worker who traced the carer’s record and blew the whistle. By this time, S’s neighbour had also raised the alarm about the child being molested by the carer.

The Council did nothing.

After further prodding and outbursts, Bridgend opened a file on the case, and offered the convicted child sex offender an  NSPCC risk assessment. He refused to take it. The police now piled in and confirmed the man’s record of abuse.

The Council at last now did something. It closed the case file.

NottbridgendBridgend MP Madeleine Moon will be writing to council leader Mel Nott (left) to make sure the SCR report’s recommendations have been implemented. I’m not holding my breath on this one, if only because the Council’s response thus far has been the usual heady mixture of smugness and obfuscatory jargon. For example, ‘In this case, the previous convictions of the former male carer  for sexual offending were known  about by the relevant agencies,  but the historic nature of these and  the absence of any identified current concerns led professionals to  believe that he no longer posed a risk’. There it goes again, the same tripe about ‘no longer a threat’: anyone engaged in studying chronic paedophiles knows that redemption levels are minute. So why do these employees keep on insisting the opposite? It remains hard for the objective observer to put this down entirely to ignorant stupidity….a theme that continues in more cases presented later in this post.

moonsmithcropI’ll tell you the other reason why I’m less than impressed with MP Moon (seen left with Jacqui Smith) simply writing to Mel Nott about this. Haringey Council – by every report’s account a slipshod authority when it comes to childcare – has been through five SCR’s about this in the last four years. In Bridgend county borough there have been thirteen over the same period.

I would’ve thought an urgent Parliamentary Question at least Madeleine. But I doubt if that’s going to happen: you see, Ms Moon is through and through Labour….as is her mate Mel Nott.

And I’ll tell you another reason why Maddy won’t want to rock any boats here: before becoming Labour MP for Bridgend, she worked for, um, Bridgend social services. Yesterday’s post on this issue observed, about Under-secretary for children Edward Timpson, ‘Edward Timpson is the personification of a system that fails. No wonder he speaks in favour of it.’ Similarly, no wonder Mad Moon MP is restricting her Mel Nott response to a letter.

A large proportion of uninvestigated paedophilia incidents can be traced back, with dogged research, to a political (or other interest) group’s desire to protect its own. Such unethical blind eyes and cover-ups are conducted without any thought for those who have suffered: in Cruel Britannia today, tribally-sociopathic corruption is almost the norm…always remembering that the person they’re covering for is psychopathically cunning in the first place.

Paedophile fireman William Wyllie insisted he was innocent when charged by Lancaster police with serious paedophile offences; he did this because it meant he could carry on being paid after suspension from his Fire Brigade job. While he was awaiting trial, however, his senior officers promoted him.

There are suspicions locally that he was paid and promoted to make Wyllie look like a jolly good egg who’d been mistakenly charged. In fact, there had been rumours about his activities for some time. And then two days  before his trial, the fire station manager switched his plea to guilty. Earlier this week, he was sentenced – for crimes that included swapping indecent images of children with London-based prolific HIV-positive paedophile Steven King, jailed in 2011 for four years for arranging to have sex with children as young as five. Wyllie’s sentence? A three-year community order, which will involve three years’ supervision and a sex offender treatment programme. This is a farcically light sentence from a judge on a man who swindled the taxpayer with help from this employers.

The Cumbrian Fire Service is answerable to Cumbria County Council. Jill Stannard, head of Cumbria County Council, retired early at 55 a few weeks ago…and has been given a golden handshake on top of her very nice thank you local government pension. Currently, the Council is refusing to say how much the payoff was – but she was on £170,000 per annum salary. While in her role, Ms Stannard pushed through measures to increase the price of meals-on-wheels, and a cut in the wages of the County’s teaching assistants. It may seem like I’m drifting off the point here, but I’m not: this sort of back-scratching and secrecy is endemic in local government.

“What always strikes me here in Cumbria,” she said on her retirement, “is that, no matter what the challenge, our staff always face it head on and find solutions. This council is a great place to work with truly dedicated and committed staff and, as I prepare to leave, I take this opportunity to once again pay full credit to the people who work here.” Especially William Wyllie, it seems.

Why did the Council try to put Fireman William Wyllie in the best light? I can’t say with certainty: but I can point out Cumbria Council’s odd track record in such matters. Let us turn to the case of Lianne Smith.

liannesmithcropSmith (left) was appointed a manager in Cumbria County Council’s child protection department in 2003. By 2007, she and her husband Martin Smith were under a cloud relating to sexual abuse of children and pimping them to paedophiles. During this time, Mrs Smith also worked as a high-class hooker. The couple moved on hastily to Staffordshire (whose endemic paedophilia problems I’ve posted about several times in the past) where her partner was this time charged with raping infant girls. Released on bail (why?) he skipped abroad with Lianne Smith, and was finally extradited from Barcelona after Spanish police caught up with him in May 2010.

Immediately afterwards, Ms Smith checked into a hotel and murdered her two daughters. In 2010, her husband was given a 16-year sentence for his crimes. He committed suicide in December of that year.

Amazing that, don’t you think? Amazing, but not remotely unusual. During 2011, half of all sex offenders were spared jail. Judges let 2,497 – or 43% – of the 5,784 convicted walk free from court. Between 2005-2011 – while the Smiths were about their business with the blessing of local Councils – the number of sex criminals allowed straight back into the community increased by 20%.  Over the same period, child abuse carried out by offenders within a year of their community sentences soared by 250%.  60%  of paedophiles receive sentences of under three years. But during the 2004-11 period, sexual assaults on boys and girls under 13 more than doubled.

So then, Edward Timpson MP: still think this is all conspiracy theory? You do? OK, then I’ll  just have to carry on.

A paedophile ring in Oxford – seven men were sentenced on May 23rd – had been active on an industrial scale for eight years, but Oxford social services failed to take any action. Oxfordshire County Council CEO Joanna Simons accepted that the Council had been “at fault” – but insisted she will not be resigning after the ring’s members were found guilty of child rape, trafficking and organising prostitution in Oxford.

“There is going to be an independent serious case review which will look at the actions of all the agencies concerned… [but] my gut feeling is that I’m not going to resign because my determination is that we need to do all that we can to take action to stamp this out,” she opined gallantly. Yet another SCR to keep the protection board too busy to investigate how exactly they got away with it.

Child protection experts said that the six victims of the ring were “let down by those who were meant to care for them and obvious signs of abuse were missed”. The gang continued its brutal sexual abuse despite the concerns of some social workers….and reports to police officers at an early stage. But were they let down by incompetence or insider protection? This happens so often across Britain, I truly cannot believe that every single case is down to trained personnel who’ve gone blind at some point and not noticed. There is more going on here, and the British political Establishment knows this perfectly well. From the Richmond Council scandal to Staffordshire via Plymouth and Bridgend up to Cumbria, Councils are protecting employees, police are ignoring the signs, and obvious perverts are getting through the vetting procedures. How?


I’ve put up this Special for many reasons, but there’s one I think could be the most important. On Tuesday 18 June, 2013 at 12:30 and then again at 18:00, there will be a public meeting in The Ramada Plaza Hotel, Wrexham. The Wrexham to Chester belt is a particularly important area for the study of child trafficking from the UK care home system. The Secretary of State for Justice, Chris ‘Fishbrain’ Grayling MP, announced in November 2012 that a review of Sir Ronald Waterhouse’s inquiry into the abuse of children in care in the Gwynedd and Clwyd Council areas would be established. The Issues Paper can be found on the Macur Review website. Mrs Justice Macur has issued this statement:

‘I consider it to be extremely important to make myself and my team available in a venue local to the events and circumstances which led to the “Waterhouse Inquiry” to meet with and hear from the people who were directly or indirectly involved and wish to impart information which may be significant to my review. It is vital to engage directly with those affected by the issues central to my review.’

Now this could easily turn into yet another review of an enquiry reopened after a previous enquiry enquired into a police report about why a previous police investigation got nowhere and then was closed. This is a golden opportunity for concerned people to make it strenuously clear to the Establishment that citizens of the UK are now tired of non-reforms of the Family Courts by Grayling, and systemic deckchair rearrangement by Edward Timpson in the childcare system.

It is a chance to be constructively voluble. It is, perhaps, an opening for those who care about our vulnerable children to speak up about the continual glossing-over of organised paedophile access to children removed from their families by the State. We are not going to weed these people out of the system by creating yet more committees and writing yet more pamphlets or asking the odd teacher to warn kids off internet porn. To get rid of weeds, if you aren’t going to do it by hand, requires a systemic weedkiller that will burn out the roots.

I further think that we need to take note of this extract from the Mancur press release:

‘This is not a press conference. There will be an opportunity at the start of the 12:30 session for media to take pictures/film for background however there must be no sound-bites of the session itself. Recording equipment must be switched off and packed away for the duration of both sessions’

I’m not sure I follow the logic of that: as this is a review not a trial hearing, there is surely no case for sub judice concerns here. In particular, the ‘must be switched off and packed away’ bit is all too typical of the Establishment’s desire for cards to be held tightly to chests at all times. The media may not be able to record audio-visually, but they can still report what they see and hear. Those with media contacts should start perstering MSM hacks to get on the case with all speed. / link to original article

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