Lucas – Integrating To Become Whole Again – 1 June 2013

becomingwholeThe world is buzzing with vibes of all sorts now. It is the chatter of the birds letting you know a beautiful new morning has arrived.  For some it seems like chaos and feels like hell and for others it is like seeing all pictures coming together and integrating in all its parts to become whole again.  It is what is happening. 

June starts with feeling lots of expectations of new ways to evolve. Last month we saw the real breakthrough of the stand the people made with their hearts as free light beings in saying no to that what tried to be put out there.  It is all just fine as it is. It is just the riddle being solved and as said already the invisible ink is becoming readable again. The message is clear.

What is to be coming together to further the ongoing process of becoming One as the personal human divine self and as well as  humans in being one with all that is is showing. We will become the creators and teachers of the ones being duality become balanced into unity of polarities.  What ever happens the process within us and surrounding us will go on in perpetual motion driven by our critical mass that changed the outcome last year and is growing in strength day by day.

We are the ones we have been waiting for as our contacts with all our universal family will become also soon a part of daily life. Change is omni present and is fueled by the centrifugal force of becoming one again.  Our spherical new reality will become our new home as long as our missions and process in learning and exploring  5D  and creating the new paradigm is ongoing. It is about feeling the new reality already as if it was already as intended and envisioned.

The world knows many worlds and realities but is just one. It is the shift we will see in our perceiving reality.  Our new world evolves from our centrifugal force as one. Integrating element by element what was already created and envisioned last year and now structurally made sound with new elements created and taking form as newly found concepts and creations.  It all becomes clear soon as the vibrational frequency energetics will make all happen just as it should.  Be Bliss, Be Joy, Be Life, Be.

Love and Light,


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