Ruth Ryden – Newsletter June 2013 – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 1 June 2013

ruth-rydenHere I am again!   My “new” eye is all healed up and just fantastic!  Like seeing the world in a new light!  Left eye needs to be done too, so they will match up.  New computer (Gateway 8) is a new classroom, and took some time getting everything, (including my older printer) into compatability.

Feeling pretty good, just a bout with the annual hay fever problems.  Very warm and dry here in the forest, so really strict rules about fires are in effect – sorry for the campers over the holiday that couldn’t have camp fires.  The horrible tornadoes have become part of all of us as we share the disaster and heartbreak of those in Moore.   Looking at national news, the planet has been throwing some mean vibrations to many other countries and cities.  Volcanoes are waking up and the hurrican season is coming up.  Not an easy time for humanity right now.  All most of us can do is to keep our spiritual lines of  love, help,and comfort open to all those affected by such terriable losses.

My very deepest thanks to those of you who cared about me during this stressful time with messages, cards, and phone calls.  They really meant a lot and reinforced my feelings about our readers being my spiritual family.   This issue may be a bit late – still learning to deal with a different keyboard and a slightly different program.  This summer will be a time to be especially careful, observant, and prepared for anything.

Masters, what do you percreive for this world as to violent storms, hurricanes, and earth movements during this coming month?

MASTERS:  “Atmospheric conditions during rhe month of June are going to be continually unsettled as the planet makes its way toward a slightly different wobble around the Sun.  The terrible storms of May are at least keeping most of you on your toes and watching the weather reports closely, which, at this point, is very wise.  Even as this is written, unusual temperatures and storm fronts continue to confond weather forecasters and make life a bit miserable for a lot ofyou.  This is not confined to the North American Continent, as hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are seen around the world.  June will not be a comfortable month for this reason,and is a time to keep posted on what is happening in your locations.   Canada is experiencing unusual temperatures and storm fronts coming down from the arctic that, in turn, are drifting down to the U.S.   Tornadoes are still very possible in many areas,  as these fronts swirl from one location to another.   The best news we can give is that by the last weeks of June, most of this frightening weather will calm down and temperatures settle into normal patterns, at least for a few weeks.   Mexico and South America are still under the gun regarding harsh storm fronts and shifting of the mantle, causing many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The Asian continent is having constant earth movements and unusual weather patterns; these frequencis have a lot to do with the uprisings of populations and concepts about governmental controls.  By now, most of you are aware that this time is being scourged by extremely high frequencies that are hitting human consciousness like a battering ram, releasing long-repressed anger and resentments into rampages and even wars.  Yes, this has been foretold for many years, and it is important that the anger and resentments that come up within all of you at one time or the other during this phase of time be understood and kept under control.

What you cannot change or be a part of, release your anger and anxiety to your inner selves and direct as much love and understanding as you can to those who need it in all ways.   Help those who have been hit with tornadoes and floods in anyway you can.  June will be a month of many changes, many unexpected storms and earth movements all over the world.   Each human being is going through a time of growth that is unprecedented since this planet was created.  Realize who you are, and rejoice thatyou have been given the strength and knowledge to become the best you can be in this lifetime.   We are here –  we are aware of your needs and your sorrows.  Give yourselves quiet times and allow your mind to be open to your higher consciousness, your soul, where there is love, understanding and answers to all your deepest fears and confusion.   Your Prayers are heard and always answered for your best good.  Work together with the Higher Forces around you and you will find what you need and the right paths to walk.  You are never alone.”


(Readers:  The following was given to me through handwriting while waiting until my new computer was set up.)

From the Masters :  A Basic Understanding of  Spirituality

“ At birth and during the lifetime, each person, according to the circumstances,  seeks to know more about him\herself –  strives to understand the inner feelings and emotions that arise amid the myriad circumstances of life on this planet.

Reference to the “Third Dimension”  is the basic frequencies on and below the planet.  Human beings experience them as either a comfortable feeling of being able to live happily and in a state of accomplishment, or feel they are in a “place out of time” and try to compensate by showing others how strong or smart they are, ever striving to reach a perceived summit of accomplisment as a status of command.  This is most evident in your time, as the pressures of the present shifting of the planet change the frequencies, resulting in the sudden outbursts of mayhem you have been experiencing. The alternating frequency flows on and in the earth will continue for some years yet, and this you must be aware of and exhibit some deep understanding of those whose minds are affected the most.   It is essential to walk about your daily lives with the awareness of those around you, being careful to detect sudden changes in attitudes and emotional hostilities.  It is a time to put on the armor of inner power you were all given at birth.

Rising to the “Fourth Dimension”  is the reference to the intensifying of frequencies in your

domains and the entire universe as creation continues to bring into motion highly-evolved human species all the time.  Your descendants will be taller, highly intelligent and loving inhabitants of your world as it continues to transform itself.

Fear has no place during these turbulent tims, as emotion draws to the mind a higher intensity of all circumstances – this is how new inventions are birthed!  Fear can be a cleanser to the conscious mind, leaving it open to new ideas that arise from necessity and the longing for a peaceful existence.

Share your experiences with others and help those that can benefit from your kindness and generosity.  The storms of change are a blessing you cannot perceive at this time, but the day will come when all this will be clear.”


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