AscensionPioneers – Ascension Update: New Energies – 2 June 2013

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Happy month of June, everyone! Although the weather people here are saying that the weather will continue to be this way and that this Summer won’t be a very warm one, we need to embrace everything as it is, as mother Earth sure knows best! We need to continue with focusing on our own choices of personal freedom and empowerment to be fully in the New! We can create anything that we desire, and if we want more warm weather for example, we can travel to other places as well .. remember there are always endless options! June almost feels like the current weather … very refreshing … which is so appropriate after an intense purification phase! Whatever it is, we have now learned to make the best out of it and to work with what is given to us … to create through alchemy. So, what do we wish for ourselves this month? What do we wish for the greater collective? And what are the steps we can take today, to walk towards this … to make it real? A journey of a thousand miles begins with that one first step (the wisdom of Lao Tzu) … and one of those first steps includes asking ourselves, if we truly love our own life? Do we like the way we live 111%? Would we change anything … and if so, what would that change be? And then it continues with action by fearlessly taking that one first step towards that change that we so desire!

Every day we are walking more deeply into our New Life.
Every day we are remembering how it is to be a conscious co-creator Being.
Every day we embody our Soul Essence and Divine Love more.
Every day we align more with our unique Soul Ray within Variation of Creation.
Every day we breathe even more deeply and with pure awareness!
Every day we are making new steps towards making our Soul dreams a reality!
Every day we are becoming more alive!
We are Ascension Pioneers!

Within Divine Love, Polona

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