Judith Dagley – NOW Is The Moment Of Power…Do Not Go Back To Sleep – 2 June 2013

judithdagleyNOW Is the Moment of Power…Do Not Go Back to Sleep!

6.1.13  NOW is the Moment of Power

The only “place” that is real  is made of energy, and it is called NOW.  You are also made of energy, and your energy is in the NOW.  NOW is the only place where you are ALIVE.

So you can see why NOW is the moment of power. It is where you choose what you want to create– and you DO create– through your own frequencies, whatever reflections match them. DO you see? What you’ve  called “reality” is not. It is simply  your own reflection. The only thing about it that is “real” is the energetic being that is YOU

DO you see? YOU are the reality creator! You spin out continuous, creative, expressions of your own energy– because every NOW is NEW. Do you understand? This means that in every one of them you are also creating  ANEW. Stay present then! USE your power to CHOOSE your creations!

You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.
― Rumi

LOOK! It is time to CHOOSE to pay attention–to choose to BE in attention, IN the present moment. Otherwise, you will drift off in thought…and so fall asleep.

UNDERSTAND! Your thoughts are an old, crumbling boat that can carry you nowhere but into the past, which is where they are moored. And then, you are not present…you are asleep, in an old dream.

REALIZE! When YOU do not take charge of your own focus, you drift into old patterns by default. Those of you who understand the physics of energy know this very well  And to those of you who do not, my heart cries out to you to decide to LEARN how energy works. How do you learn? From someone who has gone before you.  Shamans are good sources of this knowledge, for they know the laws of energy, and are masters at using them. In fact, it was in my own shamanic apprenticeship that I was taught, and if you contact me, I willl pass the lessons to you gladly. I will be at your service–because you are an energy alchemist, whether you know it or not, and the future is in YOUR HANDS.

So, no matter where or how or from whom you learn–LEARN! And remember–NOW is all there is.

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