Krista Raisa – Healers Are In Business – 2 June 2013

Uploaded on 31 May 2013 by Krista Raisa

Post-eclipse is an influx of energies, which AA Michael has called, “critical mass.”
This can mean overnight changes, weather “adjustments”, personality programs collapsing, and a need for more healers to step up and into their power.
If you are called to do service work, now is the time to do it. For empaths, you have to find a way to replenish yourself. In a family dynamic, we are always moving and flowing bioplasmic streamers between ourselves. For example, when two creative people get together, there is an exchange of uplifting, positive energy. If someone is ill in a family, a supportive environment helps, but if the pattern does not change and the person does not learn to stand up on their own feet, the family dynamic can become ill (Barbara Brennan). So, we must learn to give more (if you are in too much drama it means you should be focusing more on your service work AND getting paid for it~ Brian De Flores of Ashtar Command says you should, as a starseed, charge at least $100 for your services, for all Starseed Ambassadors). If you have a problem charging for your services, find another way to replenish your energy. If you receive, you are able to help more people. So money does not mean you are evil or materialistic, it means you are receiving energy that YOU get to decide where you want to flow it~ you are getting a form of power and with that comes responsibility. IF you do not want responsibility, hey, give it all away for free by all means. Some say that you are “impure” if you charge and don’t give for free. YOU are the judge of that. YOU are the judge of yourself. If you have a need to prove to everyone that you “did the right thing”, let go of that belief, NOW.
If you know in your heart that you did right, then you did. Don’t wait for your environment to accept you and your choices. If you have to walk away, walk away. If you have to charge, charge. If you have to help, help.
In short:
1. People who focus on drama and negativity need to do more service work
2. Healers need to receive energy for their work (whether it is money, trade, or energy-work/body-work) …everything is based on agreements and there is always an exchange. Resentment comes from imbalance when one party is taking. Unconditional love and help is GUIDED~ you can push yourself to help, just not when you are low on resources.
3. Follow your inner guidance. (Only you know what is best for you. And what is best and healthiest for you, is the best for the planet.)
4. Uncomfortable situations push you forward in your creations. Situations hit critical mass when a change needs to be made. These can be a mild psychosis or outrageous behavior with some people. Your environment will become very uncomfortable when it is no longer serving you. That means, fix it (fix yourself) or focus on something else!
5. When feeling anxiety, a good remedy is to do something that is very focused/concentrated, such as creating something with your hands (jewelry, building, pottery, writing, beadwork, etc.) Then you will have contributed to the whole and even can have something for sale!

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