Lisa Gawlas – As Above (Now Completw) So Below : The Dance of Life Begins In Earnest!! – 2 June 2013 was so excited to see the higher vibrations come in with each connection the last few days, I should have well realized it was all leading up to something big, something… different.  Kind of like when you put the last ingredient into the cake batter, the next step is to stick the batter into the oven to create cake.  Well, we are officially in the oven for three days (June 1 thru June 3.)  But this is also so flipping exciting as well…

When I woke up yesterday, I could feel it, something different was in the air.  It wasn’t until my first connection of the day did I realize, by virtue of surprise, what exactly that “different energy” was.  Everything in my body was telling me to read from the front porch all day, so that is exactly what I did.  I cranked out the antenna and was so surprised at what I was seeing!!  No more funnel cloud at all, instead, what I can only describe as a super large tube of fiber optic energy.  The sheathing for this tube like thingie I was seeing was the most beautiful gray energy I ever laid eyes upon.  Thru the gray I could feel the Light energy and it was intense.  Running downward with this gray energy was multi-colored striations of light.  Altho I could not see it running beneath the ground, I knew it was, and I could also see the funnel in the back yard, this same incredible radiance was now coming up out of the ground and flowing in place of that upward funnel spout that had emerged over the creek.  As I followed this energy, I could feel (but not see) the energy cross over the upper atmosphere and now flowing in a super large circle or cylinder of energy, front to back, above and below.  As I shifted by eyes to take in the whole thing, it was/is amazing.  A giant portal that reminded me a donut standing on its side was now circulating above and below my fathers home.  This is exciting!!!  If not a little to “cleansing.”

Before even my first connection of the day, my bowels turned into soup.  The sprint upstairs suddenly felt like a mile long run to the bathroom.  Sometimes, your own body could care less where it releases itself!! (blush)  This should have been a diaper day, especially as the day progressed!!

After my super exciting first connection of the day, I had an unusually long time until my 2nd appointment, well, I will make great use of this 3 hour period… bath time!!

I no sooner got in the bath, laid down and then I heard my team remind me, I have class at 10 am!!  Oh shit, no wonder I had such a gap in my appointment schedule!!  Now I have 45 minutes to make the most of this wonderful bath space and for the first time since my lermurian seed crystal exploded, I brought it into the bath with me.  Staring straight at me, a foot in front of my closed eye face was my long lost Jorge.  I stopped seeing him the very day I climbed the front of the Mesa a couple months ago.  Try as I might, I couldn’t not muster a connection, a visual, nothing… to him.  Now here he is, in all his beautiful, sexy glory.  Yup, I am back in Heaven once again!!

But, he didn’t come alone.  Behind him, in a V pattern was the energy of the Guardians I know so well from the Mesa, but this time, they all put biology on their Light fields.  Everyone of them dressed like male energies.  I was so excited to see and feel Jorge again I never stopped to ask why they came as men, because really, I didn’t care!!!

The next thing I know, I am looking at my own solar plexus and it was like a constant rush of yellow geyser energy.  I felt like something right out of yellowstone park!  As I was perplexedly looking at my solar geyser, I don’t know what the heck Jorge did, but some part of him was now inside of my core mixing at my geyser and looked very much like the 4 ropes with the 4 funny looking spirit/creatures hanging onto the bottom of the ropes from the backyard funnel and it was now spinning like mad thru me.  It was an oddly wonderful feeling really and I am surprised I didn’t get sawed in half!  Or… maybe I did! lol

The next thing I know, we are this wonderfully entangled ball of energy… the weirdest thing I had ever seen or felt… kinda like a bunch of octopuses, tentacles every which way… pulsing with intense energy.  And then, the entanglement (tho still ongoing) left my field of vision and Jorge’s face was next to mine and all I could really see and feel were his eyes.  His eyes were now to pools of brilliant white light, shining inward (instead of outward)… pulling me inward with it.  The next thing I know… I could see the body of Jorge stretched across the galaxies… his toes on one world, his face in mine and his body strung across an inky black sky.

What the hell??

Suddenly, the entourage that showed up with him spoke as a collective singular voice as they had always done.  The first thing they say is: “Planeathius is the place where all the multiverses converge.”  It is a place without form and altho I could see Jorge’s toes dug into what looked like a planet, there is no planet at all.  It is… something else.

When I first connected to these consciousnesses, I knew they were not in what I would call heaven, but whatever is just outside of heaven, spirit.. whatever, this is where they are.

This is equally where Jorge resides, which almost sounds kinda strange because I know Jorge is my Masculine energy.  So, let me just share the story I understand…

That which I call the Guardians of the Mesa, are both us incarnated, strengthening the divine feminine back here on earth, as well as holding the Planeathians, holding the Divine Masculine in its pureness, in its sacredness for us to use (since we are them too) on earth.

In order for this Divine moment in time to take place, we had to clear all the false energy from the density of earth realities, starting with ourselves and spreading out into time and space.  We hit this pivotal point on planet earth during out 11/11/11 timeline.  But before the full density could collapse (at its heaviest level) we had to first build/create/release the pure loving energy of the divine masculine and divine feminine in our upper creative fields of consciousness.  This really gives me a whole new understanding of “As above, so below.”

With the culmination of the end of the 2012 year, the end of the Mayan cycles of time, we started to solidify our heavenly vision here on earth, all earths.  As December turned into January 2013, we opened a gateway of energy never before released en masse here on earth.  We spent the first half of 2013 weaving this highly potent energy into our biology, into our ever expanding consciousness.  Heaven must first exist within us (the human) before it can ever become real in the landscape itself.

Obviously WE DID IT!!

Please don’t take that to mean, every person on the face of the earth imbued Heaven into their cells, not even close.  But enough of is did… and that is all that matters (emphasis on matter – wink.)

With this truly profound triple eclipse we just passed thru, the wealth of Light, of Heavenly Light reflecting from our cells was distributed to every frequency of earth.  As we moved thru the solar eclipse we had one more major task to do, together… take out the garbage (sounds crass, but really said with love.)  That old, stagnant, destructive energy that was so laden with the fear vibration had to go, had to be completely removed from all the frequencies of earth… and we did it!!  Using the powerful force of life as we came of the last of the three eclipses, the human vacuum cleaners came to life and sucked it all up and transmuted it into heavenly energy and redistributed it to all the remaining earths.

And like my crazy vision of Jorge strung thru out the multiverses, we, the ones at the front lines, all have this portal of fluid Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine for ever available to us.  The Holy Union fully in the created realms of earth.

And so, the Planeathians gave me a glimpse of what is to come… sort of.  I could see the center of this really large fiber optic, circulating energy (around my fathers house) and in the center, the most amazing structure started to form.  A sprawling city made out of gold… Heaven on Earth, Shambhala made Real.

It was not quite on the ground yet, more like suspended in the middle of the donut hole… but… it is now a part of the tangible universe and we will now work to bring it to life, first thru us, each one of us, as Being the Living Body of Christ.  Love is the only energy that flows thru us and from us, no matter what the exterior looks or feels like.

Keep in mind, altho this energy is done from the view point of spirit, it is still very much a process here on every version of earth… a process that is rapidly unfolding in all realms.

I was shown a figure 8… we created the top part of the figure eight (above) we are now in the intersection of the eight as it forms the lower circle in the below.  3 days to tie it together.

If this wasn’t enough to spin my head (not to mention my increasingly spinning solar plexus/bowel system) my next appointment brought this whole energy doughnut up a tremendous notch!  I was on the front porch adjusting my antenna to her when sparks started flying.  Metallic golden energy was now sparking and flying from this gray fiber optic doughnut ring.    Holy vibration batman!!  At first it reminded me of a 4th of July sparkler, only golden instead of silver.  Then the field took the energy and slowed it down so I could see what was really happening… magnetic prominence’s all up and down the energy flow that was visible to me, but I knew it went thru whole distance around.


Only take all that elongated energy and make it metallic and sparking everywhere.  I also could see the ocean energy that continues to be the landscape in-front of my fathers house.  This lovely lady was also on the West coast of the USA.  This is not just any ocean, but the Pacific ocean energy.  Then I could see the energy of the ocean pick itself up, move thru her and brought the magnetic field into this circular system.  It is only this morning I fully realize it is adding the energy, the memories, the wisdom that was Lemuria into the mix.  Phew!!

If this wasn’t enough energy coming thru this surprised body called Lisa, my 3rd appointment (and thankfully, last one) of the day, equally hailing from the West Coast, brought metallic fish to the party.  They reminded me of earrings because they hung on the elongated aspects of the magnetic prominence’s.  The fishes were simple, solid metallic colors of every hue. Violet fish, blue fish, red fish… colors that I have never seen before, all strung like dangling earrings on the prominence’s.  It was beautiful and puzzling.  So we looked up what the symbol of the fish represents: life, fertility, the divine feminine…

Ohhhhh something beautiful is happening!!

I barely got off the phone with my precious lady when I coughed and my bowels exploded.  I have not had such an explosion just happen, without me being able to stop it or control it since the days I was in diapers.  Talk about storm systems cleansing!!

Unlike the days before, there was no way of bringing in anything personal… no questions replied to, no other anything brought in for understandings and I knew this will be the way of it for the next 3 days.

I cannot wait to see and live the rest of the story!!!

Holy Heaven Batman… WE MADE IT!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of metallic fish and fireworks to ALL!!  I love you!!!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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