Adapting To Grace – Eileen Meyer – The Songs That I Am – 3 June 2013


I’ve been asked to be a part of a local music event in Santa Fe towards the end of the month. My focus will turn to this now, along with finishing up some new music. I notice that I get way more excited about live performance when I have fresh material to share. Nothing earth-shattering there I suppose! This will be an unpaid performance. More often than not, they are – with the chance of earning dollars and coins from CD sales. Such is the life of the artist… for now. I never allow money to be a factor when I feel inspired to do the musical and healing work. I have learned to trust that I will be cared for.

I will still post my other inspirations here – when the joy of it is too big to contain :)

Thank you for your interest in all that I share here. There was a time not along ago that I figured I’d be alone with my beyond-the-box inspirations until the day I left this planet, so know that I appreciate you, and all that you share too.  – Eileen link to original article

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