John Ward – The Paedofile: Is This Issue About Weird Sex Or Cultural Decline? – 3 June 2013

John WardInfluential money is underwriting those who would desecrate innocence

Somebody bright whom I like a lot emailed me last night to ask why did I write about pervy sex all the time. It was (and is) a fair question, but it comes into the same class as those who ask why I write about something “as braindead as football”. The answer is that, before the New Ethics got hold of it, football was a wonderful game. The same is true of sex before the Caligula-heads got involved.

I spoke to my chum today, and she made the entirely correct point that paedophiles have been around forever. They have of course, but we have never before had the kind of media to give its existence such wide awareness…..coupled with an Establishment desperate to give it such a wide berth. During the course of compiling The Paedofile here at The Slog, I have tried to enumerate all the reasons why systemically based paedophilia exists. But ultimately, there is only one reason why that particular form of it exists: because enough powerful people are prepared to protect those committing the crime.

The trick is to look at why they do that. And sadly – as always – the reasons mainly or wholly involve the influence of money and power.

To see a classically indirect (but utterly pernicious) example of this, pick up on the Government/Google story.

Google is unwilling to voluntarily stop porn sites using its search engine from contacting kids. It has in turn not adopted new technology available to detect pervs on kids’ sites, about which I posted recently. Nobody in authority has given Google a hard time about any of this. When I was starting out as a blogger and Oliver Letwin was still in Opposition, I tackled him about both Google’s 1984 invasiveness – and mendacity on the subject. He agreed there was a problem and that – as and when the Tories came to power – they would look at it. It seems to me that, rather than looking at it, they turned a blind eye to it.

Now think on this. David Cameron and his wife Samantha were among the congregation of a posh Cotswold church recently as Naomi Gummer, the top Google executive in charge of public policy, got spliced. She was previously political adviser to Jeremy Hunt when he was Culture Secretary in charge of internet regulation. Guess what? The South-West Surrey MP now spookily awarded the NHS brief was also there. The bride’s father, Lord Chadlington, 70, is president of Mr Cameron’s local constituency association.

As the Daily Mail confirms of other guests, ‘Rachel Whetstone, Google’s top global spinner, is a former No 10 aide and was Michael Howard’s director of communications when he was Tory leader. She is married to Steve Hilton, the T-shirt-wearing guru who is Mr Cameron’s close friend and former director of strategy at No 10. The power couple are regarded as key members of the Notting Hill set of Conservatives who propelled Mr Cameron to Downing Street, and at one stage Miss Whetstone was known as their young queen’. Well, I suppose at least it makes a change from having an old male queen pulling the strings.

Now tell me: given all those incestuous links, what do you really think the chances are of Camerlot taking concerted action to protect our children?

Friends of mine may balk when I use the word élite to describe these self-satisfied, self-serving arses; but somehow ‘Establishment’ doesn’t cut it either – as it is far too suggestive of respectability. These unpleasant, grubby nonentities are the élite – that’s part of my problem with them.

So bad is this situation, ordinary British citizen Maggie Tuttle has been moved to found Children Screaming to be Heard –  a charity providing safe houses for care kids. Just think about that: when the first duty of every civilised Sovereign State is to protect its citizens from illegal attack, a UK citizen has had to start an organisation to protect children in the care of the State from illegal attacks about which that Sovereign State doesn’t want to know.

And do you know why that situation pertains? Because the Government of the country I love – and of whose cultural history I will remain unswervingly proud no matter how many Stalinist revisionists try and wrestle it to the ground – doesn’t work for us, the citizens (the ones who proffer our votes for free and then pay their disgracefully over-expensed wages) any more. It works for those like Google, Goldman Sachs, the European Commission, Monsanto, and all the other sociopathic corporatists busy making such a total balls of the World. And it does so because they have the Money to keep persuading the People to keep putting them in Power.

There is nothing at all wrong with money per se. But money is an oil f**king up the ideally clean, waterpowered nature of politics. Either we vote to keep them apart in perpetuity, or cultured civilisation as we know it will cease to be. The only sound left will be the screaming of our children. / link to original article

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