Lisa Gawlas – How Many Phase 1 Completions Are There? .. A Lot!! – 3 June 2013

multiple_earthsI think I am going to call these 3 days of June, where upper meets lower in the aspect of a figure 8, body deluge!!    The first day, my bowels took on the brunt of this deep inner cleanse, which was rather unpleasant, then yesterday… geez louise, I got a period.  My last period was on Valentines day when my body tip-toed into Menopause without any fan fare or drama, we just went… an intention I set long ago.  I think today, I am done with that period, but still!!  However, I would trade bleeding for the whole 5 days compared to the way I feel since waking up this morning.  I do believe I was decapitated in my sleep and spirit spent the night sewing on a whole new head, I wish they would have given me a head that had all its teeth still intact.  The entire circumference of my neck just hurts and is producing a radiating headache outwards.

OK, done complaining.

I do want to address a couple of questions that have been asked the last couple of days, very good questions that brought in deeper understandings for me.  If you are not feeling this influx of energy, please don’t worry about it.  It does not mean that you are not going thru whatever it is we really are going thru.  Some people are more sensitive to energetic changes than others, but it is still flowing thru you and thru your life field.

This next question I want to address was on my facebook and is a very very wonderful question that should be shared out loud, as well as the reply:  I’ve been hearing about completion of phase one SO many different times, going back to a year or more ago.  Same with coming out of the birth canal. how are there so many different versions?

I am going to stay in the vein of the initial reply… What we have undertaken as a collective is HUGE.  There are different departments and divisions working on their task, in their way, to add to the greater all.  Think of a car.  You have departments focusing on making tires, another department making the breaks, another department making the engine parts.  As we got our first couple proto-types off the assembly line, you had the department of “spot checkers” to see what we need to enhance, change, add… each one of these divisions in their own phase of completion.  Each completion of any division created a new division for the assembly process.  Again each one having their own phases of completion.

Often times, we change assembly lines without even realizing we went from one department to another… advancing our own skill sets, often times setting ourselves up as an apprentice then moving onto a very specific department head.  When that department is done with its task… its off to the next part of the agenda, often times, starting back at apprentice.

I know, last year alone there were completions and then new beginnings several times.  Each one a phase that lead to the next connected project of the grander task at hand.

The funny thing about being a human, we know the end result.  Heaven alive and full on earth in all it’s glory, what I call, the energy of Shambhala.  We are closer to that (eventual) end result than we have ever been before, but yet, there is so much more left to do, to discover, to make Real here in the realm of matter.

Whatever aspect we are in now, in regards to Shambhala, spirit has consistently said it will take us thru May 2015 to complete “this part” of our ongoing story.  So I am sure, there will be many Phase 1′s completed over the next two years and even more after that.  Working with so many variations of earth and their frequencies… we are in this for the long haul of generations!!

Something really significant was displayed by mother nature herself as we ended phase 1 of this cycle out put.  Oklahoma!!  Back to back storms that produced really strong tornado’s that caused what we call death, not only to the buildings and landscape, but to people.  This morning, I am seeing those who went Home as a trail of light upwards, a very significant trail of light.  Then Oklahoma was deluged with water, flooding to the point where a part of the earth gave way, creating one of the most beautiful sink holes I have seen.

Oklahoma is the outward expression of what has happened on a multi-frequency level.  An opening in the light field so bright, so intense that the old, the densest part of the multi-soap-bubble called earths, popped.  It no longer exists and that earth has now raised it vibration upwards, as did every soap bubble in play.  More will pop.  The Light is strengthening, even if it looks more like tragedy than hope.  I want to thank Oklahoma for being the Living Expression of Evolution of Light on earth and all her inhabitants that have endured the close of Phase 1.

to everyone working their butts off within their departments…. THANK YOU SOOO FLIPPING MUCH!!  We are getting ‘er done!!!

I love you all so much and honor you in ways I cannot even begin to express.

((((HUGZ))) of Hope and Joy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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