I UV – BZ – Letters From The I UV WebPortal Imagineer – 4 June 2013

COWEL DUNES BLK 2Feeling and “Seeing” The I UV WebPortal

For me the I UV Web Portal is an energetic representation of all eternal essence embodied and their journey of Transition and Transmutation. Together we’re learning new ways of BEing and DOing as we shift from our mind leading the way to our heart knowing the way…. transforming to Love Absolute.

In this transformation, I’ve come to “know” the I UV Web Portal is a colorful, sensory-rich buffet of multidimensional and multimedia conversations we co-create, absent limits, with all of you. We sense what ideas and information resonate with the One People, developing them for the site, facilitating so people can actively play in some areas or watch in a passive way in others what other eternal essence embodied are being and doing.

The Web Portal is an Absolute energetic gateway into expansion and a resonant space for Co-creating Nova Earth. Its time to start repurposing, expanding and creating new tools and new ways of doing things; looking at things in a bigger perspective, a next step perspective… and taking the next steps together.

This IS the starting line. In slow motion we have leapt out of the starting blocks and we are quantum jumping into the NOW moment where the real fun, the real playing the real doing Begins…

Together we are building nova earth, building the living library that is Gaia; the crossroads of the universe, a place for universal collaboration and absolute expressions of free will and joyful creativity absent limits. We are the key to encoding the living library. With the end of the “game” of duality, the integration of our collective experiences and our 13 strand DNA we bring forth the TOTALITY of ALL of Creation to all of Sources universe. Because we ARE the living library itself!

For the One People who are Awakening, education is paramount. We can meet people where they are and in what they are passionate about, in a seamless rhythm, helping them open their minds and their hearts to what Is So. Dancing with the One People in conversation and playing in the moment to the rhythm of Love Absolute letting people Know that they are not alone.

We are in that NOW moment, and the landscape has changed. Its all about how we go Forward… how do we want to play. There are no limits.

What do you see gazing through this doorway as it opens to sweeping vistas of Gaia and all of Source’s Universe emerging into Oneness?

Sending You a Cosmic sized hug and Waves of Love,

Sources-universeBZ Riger

P.S. The view through the portal to Oneness is sublime

www.i-uv.com / link to original article


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