I UV – Our Minds Are No Longer Leading The Way…Our Hearts KNOW The Way – 4 June 2013

18980.original.jpgOur Minds are No Longer Leading the Way… Our hearts KNOW The Way

As we transition to a Global Awakening of Oneness, many are finding it difficult to work through the painful contrasts of daily struggles. Whether it’s debt, depression, loneliness or other aspects of fear, our ability to stay centered seems challenged.

How can we move out of our head and into our hearts – allowing us to thrive, not just survive.T his was the topic of a brief audio-recorded conversation between three people who wanted to share their experience in making such a transition.

Please join BZ Riger, Holly Tucker and James McManis in a raw, revealing conversation where hearts were exposed in ways we didn’t expect.

Uploaded on 4 June 2013 by Bz Riger

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