Lightworkersxm – 3D Printers : Replicator : 2013 : Build Your Own Spare Part Or : Aeroplane Or Seat Or Just About Anything : Printers Available Shortly At Affordable Rates – 4 June 2013

Will 3D Printing Change the World? | Off Book | PBS  Uploaded on 28 February 2013 By PBSoffbook

And now a plane that flies :

First flight of 3D printed plane Uploaded 10 August 2011 by newscientistvideo

My only concern is where are the Trans-Humanship agenda warriors ?

I want one here is how much they cost :



It could be awhile before families can purchase 3D printers for as much as a CD burner costs today.

Right now, 3D printers are available for under $5000 Dollars but prices are ever falling. The Makerbot is available for under $ 1000 Dollars. The new generation of machines are starting to reach an affordable price-level.

Instead of buying a 3D printer in the near future, online digital manufacturing services will offer a network of decentralized production facilities.

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