Lucas – Energetics – Identifying Positions – Coming To The Table In Peace – 4 June 2013

It is like I have said on some occasions before the energetics of everyone will  show positions.  In the past we said follow the money. Now it is the energy signature we follow. This energy sent out will let us know what is resonates and is in line of  the new to come  and what not.

It would be nice if we all would be just in our neutral vibrational frequency all sitting on a comfortable fence viewing all that was on both sides of the fence with a smile.  Whatever you have been doing on either side of the polarity spectrum  it is now time to find the balance again without fighting or hurting each other.  It is time to find your way into unity and unity with all. Still we see powers searching for that was is gone.  Just clinging onto power and  financial structures or alternatives they seek for the same. That what has controlled energetics in all in this world will not be allowed again.  We are free beings that can not be unwillingly consciousnes or unconsciously  controlled.

The notice the old can not be anymore is still not sunk in. Doing as before and denying that what is as a new reality already forming will not work. Your concerns have been heard as not all have already awakened. L0ts of us have said we will support your bodily safety. We all are here in the role we played to bring us the shift towards the new. It is time to bury the axes and only chop some wood for a fire we all can gather around to tell the story of what we have been doing and what we have experienced. Clarity will rewrite the real history and we can reconcile all.

It is crucial as said before we notice that all the light and the dark are just needed to be united again to be the neutral oneness that is all.  It is our natural expression of being. This neutral space knows no judgement or punishment. It is the place to see all had its space and its course as it was done under soul and divine contract. It is the us being united as humans ourselves within and all surrounding us united as One.  The course is set and the automatic pilot for the shift into the new is unstoppable.  So let us go together amd make the new work for all of us in peace. Stop playing the role as the play ended a long time ago. The theater of this experiment closed already last year.

Come and talk. Lay your cards on the table for all to see and let us go from pointing out wrongs to making that what was a template of the past  rest  and make all our new creation. Are you willing to set aside your fears, as even you as the  “so-called” dark ones have fears,  and come to terms with the fact there is no fight or play anymore. Time for peace has come.  So be at that round table and see all as equals without any exemption. The way forward is unity not separation as that ended.

Peace and love,

We greet you all to be part of the new paradigm of the now.

Be love and light in all its contrast and united we shine together.


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