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5DMediaNetwork – Collective Imagination – 4/5 June 2013 – 4 June 2013

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Show starts  Tue 4 June, 2013, 07:00 pm CDT USA ,  Wed,5 June, 2013 01:00 am Mainland Europe

At this pivotal time in Humanities evolution we are beginning to remember our organic technology. A technology when used correctly, can create an experience that the majority of people the world over want to live. It is time to use this technology consciously for our own benefit and healing and no longer unconsciously for own demise. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Pulling Back The Curtain…- 4 June 2013

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I kind of feel like superman these days with x-ray vision seeing through the illusions being presented to us and seeing what is behind them, what is really going on. It is not always easy to capture the truth, but the further along the path we travel the easier it becomes. Mainly because we have learned to disconnect from the world spinning around us and have now plugged into our own reality. Continue reading

Facebook & The CIA – 4 June 2013

Uploaded 6 June 2012 by Steve Reichert While the video may be a spoof, the fact that government agencies heavily monitor the site is not. (Thanks to C and friends)

4 Minutes News & Pole Shift Update [Magnetic/Axial/Geodetic Components] – 4 June 2013

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RemovingTheShackles – The One People Radio Show – Ginger’s Notes – 4 June 2013



Please excuse my sense of humour- we’ve been laughing out asses off since yesterday afternoon.

….. and no, Indiana Jones is not with us here in MOROCCO, lol.

On a different note, I found it quite humorous that suddenly ZAP(from the office of Poof) and Ben are talking about the “ancient families” and the “old man”….. I’ve been talking about them for over 6 months and getting in shit for it, but suddenly now it’s ok to spill the beans? LOL! Continue reading

A Good Satire – Ethiopia – 4 June 2013

Uploaded on 4 June 2013 by Rachel Jones(Lucas : Great  satire made by Rachel . I had to post this. I makes a good  laugh after the remarks put out there that really are too silly and this vid makes that clear in a satirical way. )


Ron Van Dyke – Bill Ballard & Ron Talk About The Shift – 4 June 2013

Uploaded on 4 June 2013 by Ron Van Dyke The conversation begins with our attitude towards those playing dark roles in our world and the awakening process based on Source experiencing (it)Self through us. Beginning with 3D reality and moving into 5D, it’s all about taking our power back, individually and collectively. Many of us would like to get out of the system we see as corrupt; and Bill shares how he did it. Ron acknowledges how easy it is to get caught in victim mentality; and Bill responds by saying that someone has to fight the fight, honoring Ron’s role and seeing it as “for humanity” – not just for himself. They talk about thinking and feeling, fear, lack of trust and more. Bill thought the shift would happen between the harmonic convergence and the end of the 20th Century; but it’s finally happening now. (NOTE: this is the first video where Ron edited out early parts of the conversation.)

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Syriana Pipelinestan, EU Electioneering, Japanese Insanity – Geneva Business Insider – 4 June 2013

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David L. Smith of the Geneva Business Insider blog joins us once again for our monthly conversation on economics, finance and politics. This month we delve into the pipeline proxy war behind the Syrian destabilization, the latest calls by Merkel and crew for an end to austerity, and the insanity taking place in Japan in the name of Abenomics. We also discuss the booming demand for gold and the tricks being played by the bullion banks to get out of their short positions while the market is suppressed.

www.corbettreport.com / link to original article

EcoWatch – Industrial Hemp : The Answer For A Greener Future – 4 June 2013

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Mish / Mike Shedlock – IMF Halves Germany 2013 Growth Estimate; Still Too Optimistic – 4 June 2013

mish-image-15%With most of Europe in a nasty recession, and significant parts of it (Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy) in an outright economic depression, I wonder why it took so long for the IMF to Reduce Germany GDP Forecast.

Germany’s 2013 growth prospects have been cut in half by the International Monetary Fund, as it warned that the outlook for Europe’s strongest economy could worsen if a eurozone recovery fails to materialise. Continue reading