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I kind of feel like superman these days with x-ray vision seeing through the illusions being presented to us and seeing what is behind them, what is really going on. It is not always easy to capture the truth, but the further along the path we travel the easier it becomes. Mainly because we have learned to disconnect from the world spinning around us and have now plugged into our own reality.

The old world still running the show is so far removed from who we are and who we are fast becoming. There is no love and compassion in the old world, it operates on fear and aggression, it is sharp and pointy and has no soft curves, it is cold and controlled and there is no free flow taking place. That is definitely not who we are. In this new world we see beauty and grace and gratitude everywhere we go for we are creating a separate world in which to live that welcomes us and offers us safe refuge. The more we pull back the curtain the more we know we are headed in the right direction.  The duality of the world is blatantly obvious and we are done with that now, we are merging into one.

I have to shake my head( in a respectful way) at the disasters being paraded out on stage these days. The dark ones think they are holding us captive by fear and for some they are, but these dramas they present are not as fearful now as they are enlightening, because they are forcing open even more hearts and flooding them with compassion for others. They are actually doing us a favor and speeding up the process. Guess they never considered that. Ha! Summer is a great time for speeding up the process as well. Being outside in nature and connected to Gaia always makes everything much more clear to all of us. This connection brings us back to our roots, to what really matters in life! It is our way of reconnecting to ourselves and making our foundations stronger.

Pulling back the curtain to many means exposing the dark ones for what they are doing and indeed this has its place as far as waking up is concerned. For this post I like to think of pulling back the black curtain to expose the true essence of our lives instead of the evil. Every evil deed they perpetuate upon the world is one more challenge to look behind the curtain to find the powerful lesson within. We are continually shown what no longer works for us and it is our kick in the butt to begin creating what we DO want in its place. No time for complaining, just enough time for doing. The tragedies we see each day are in some way gifts to help us see a clearer vision of what we want by experiencing what we don’t want. It seems like a cruel process, but life is not always kind, it has lessons to teach us and it is up to us to learn them and move forward.

The more the dark ones disrespect humanity, the more we see how much we need to respect each other and life itself as a process. It is showing us the value of life they have so obviously discarded, it is telling us this is where we must place our energies. As Monsanto continues to rape and destroy the environment, this is telling us we must care for it better and tend it well. We must nourish it so that it may continue to provide for us. As chemicals continue to poison our waters and oceans, we receive the message that we must find ways to clean it up and not repeat the mistakes they have made. We are being shown all of the areas we need to work on to help each other create a better world for everyone.

When we pull back the black curtain we see the goodness of the world and where we have to get back to. We lost our way and got distracted with nonsense, now we are peeking behind the curtain to see where we need to go to get back. Lets yank it all the way back and step into that new and colorful world that is now exposed. Let us become a part of it in every way we can and do our part. It is a beautiful world and we are all beautiful as well and let us be proud that we have found our way back to the right road and let us march proudly arm in arm down it and into the new paradigm of love and compassion for all.

Blessings to us all,

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