DutchNews – Dutch Sustainable Smartphone Raises Startup Capital By Crowdfunding – 5 June 2013

dutchnews-logoWednesday 05 June 2013

Over 5,300 people have paid €325 each for a sustainable smart phone – the brainwave of Dutch company Fairphone.com – meaning the startup project can now go ahead.

The company had set a target date of June 14 to attract the necessary 3,000 buyers to start production of the phone, which will have a 16 GB internal memory and runs on the Android system.

The phone is the brainchild of Bas van Abel, who wanted to develop a more sustainable phone.

This means its components – such as tin and tantalum –  will not come from conflict zones, the workers will be paid properly and work in good conditions and and recycling will be maximised. The company also promises a fair and transparent pricing structure.

In total, Amsterdam-based Fairphone.com is hoping to produce 20,000 phones.

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