TheOne-DreamDreamer – T H A N K Y O U ! – 5 June 2013

I simply NEED to say it out loud!

T H A N K  Y O U

To the UniVerse and All That Is

To My Guides and Teachers from the Energy of All That Is

To My Guides and Teachers here on Earth, those that usually do not look like one but in Truth do mirror me and allow me to See my Self, to move on, to ask for more, to BE more, to never stop. To all ways BE.

And a Loud Heart Felt Thank You to all those that work in Silence. Those that do not make the blogs headlines, those who’s earth name is not known but to a few, those that live every breath in Silent Love for all. Their path is weird. They’re the Silent Walkers of Love. Even if you meet them, you’ll hardly recognize them. But your Heart will. It will Feel something Huge is coming from that person. But do not expect that person to tell you. They won’t. It is what they have chosen to Be.

They work as One with the Grid. They pick up thoughts and fears and hold them in them as long as they become part of them, and then release them to BE transmuted. They’re in all front lines but no one sees them. They use themselves as Bridges. They walk on Earth and Live Earth but also Walk on All That Is and Live All That Is. They hold both sides and have no Master but themselves. It is part of their task: trust their inner Feelings and nothing else. For they are Transmuters. They put that Inner Faith in the Akash Crystalline Grid and make it available to All. They walk for All, they make mistakes for all, they clear for all. And they Cry and ReJoy for all.

They’ll never appear in headlines. Not because they’re afraid of letting you know their name… just because that’s the way they operate Light. By silently tuning into the collective and transmuting it. If they were in the front they’d be overwhelmed by information. They Feel in the Silence of their Heart all there is to Feel… They’ve been touched by the deepest fears Earth can create. They do not step back. They step IN. Take it on themselves, go to it’s source and cut it lose. So it’s gone. No more polarization.

One by one. Little by little.

Each time the Collective is ready to release more… they take it on them and work it to the Light.

So Thank You Silent Walkers. You’re an unseen treasure of Love. / link to original article

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