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I remember when I was younger hearing the quotation ” Your thoughts create your reality”. I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought way back then, but everyday, every minute, every hour it becomes more clear as to its powerful meaning. I often wonder how many people out there wandering in the world do not have a clue that what they are thinking about is bringing to them their own reality. Of course it has its greatest meaning in the effects of positive thinking over negative, but it goes way beyond that as well. What kind of dialog do you have with YOURSELF everyday? What kind of verbiage do you use when you talk to yourself? Are you supportive of yourself, do you inspire yourself, are you mostly complimentary or mostly critical? It makes a huge difference as to how your life unfolds so pay close attention.

I wish I had ten dollars for every self-help book I’ve read over the years. I certainly wouldn’t have any money issues that is for sure. Out of everything I learned nothing really could have been more consequential than realizing ‘how we think is one of the most important aspects of living we need to pay attention to’. Especially in raising our children. Just a few words can teach a child to either embrace life and enjoy the wonder of it, or to fear it and limit their life and sadly themselves! Often we do not realize the impact of our words and actions on young minds. Take a thunder-storm for example. Some people may be afraid of them themselves, so when storms pop up they grab their kids and go into a closet. That child will mostly probably fear storms for the rest of their life, versus the child who was shown the storms amazing energy and taught when and how it can be dangerous and when it’s not. Calling our children stupid or fat or lazy are all crippling words with long-lasting effects. We must pay close attention to what we say and do.

So how do you approach your day? Do you groan at the thought of another day of work or do you spring awake with gratitude in your heart that you are alive to live another day? Do you thank the sun for shining or the birds for singing for you? Are you grateful for the life- sustaining breakfast you are about to eat? The more we feel gratitude the happier we become within. Try one week of waking up and seeing all that you have to be grateful for and take note of any changes you may feel. Life is good if we just allow ourselves to see it and feel it and be grateful for it. Even when things are down and difficult we have the choice of staying down in the muck or rising up by finding something to be grateful for, the lesson to be learned. We lost our appreciation for life when we spiraled down from grace, it is time now to find it again and rise upward and deepen our interaction with our lives.  Choose your thoughts carefully, choose to see what is right instead of wrong and choose joy.

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