I UV – BZ – Your Light Work And Love Absolute In Action – 6 June 2013

View from the bluffsView from the bluffs

Your Light Work and Love Absolute in Action

(The backstory on this urgent need of exchange is on the  RTS blog.)

Many of you have opened your hearts by providing financial assistance to our sister BZ. If you listened to this recent conversation “Our minds are no longer leading the way…” you know BZ is now playing a light worker role as “demonstrator” or teacher, presenting to each of us a transformative vision of how painful 3D challenges can evolve into 5D awareness.As some may strain to imagine what an I UV exchange may look like, gaze no further. More than a simple barter exchange, this act of assistance can be assessed as one clearly for the GREATER GOOD OF ALL.

That those giving AND receiving understand this, expands not just their hearts but a multidimensional portal for all to step through. This channeling of love is light work in action.Indeed the opening of hearts through this assistance process has expanded the Web Portal aperture wider than I could have imagined. I know each of you who donated is or has done beautiful introspective work, recognizing the magnificence of your Eternal Essence. Many blessings to you all. ~ Holly Tucker


Rose Kitty
Below is a heartfelt audio journal from BZ of the “demonstration” as it unfolds.link to audio

BZ’s Journal June 5, 2013
www.i-uv.com / link to original article


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