Lucas – Speaking Our Truths – The One And Oneness – Creation 5D – 6 June 2013

heart-of-lightI give my view on things happening now. The vibrational frequency energies are pulling through transforming. Last bits of stuck or left pains or obstructs or patterns, etc, are going to transform, let go off or integrate and it should help to get back into balance.  See you can see yourself in your counterparts and your mirrors.  They show you truths of you but mostly it is not wanted to be seen by yourself. We all will in some way tell our truths the coming days or be told. You will speak out and set records straight or even reconcile or embrace some lost contact. The outcome of this all is not certain as it is different for everyone.   Also you will make clear what it is you want out of the new forming.  Make clear what it is and get your energy into that to make it happen for you but not only you. The selfishness of your own needs in this all will clash with the forming of our collective new paradigm that is about One and Oneness. So not about the me and the  self-interest. So you might wanna bring your wishes and needs or manifesting thoughts into alignment with this.

I hear a lot of beings also announcing their already ascended status with lots of ego, smugness and even calling out their superiority to others in wanting to play guru as their way is the THE way to do it.  Let me make clear that ascension or the shift into fully activation of your light body and its facets is a personal way and it is open to all.  We are helped on the way with people, events and also energies from source. The people or events  direct you to possibilities  that can make your steps towards the full activation happen.

It is a road that has been open for all to drive on in their speed and with their own vehicle and fueled with their energy. The only thing that happens it that sometimes people get cut off by others or break down for a moment along the road on their trip.  Help is available but it is help to get you on your way again, it is not doing it for you. You need to go the way yourself regardless of the signs along the road. Your actions and re-actions, inter-actions are your way of handling the trip regarding your own satnav.

It is you that first will think and later, feel yourself through the roadmap in the stages of awakening and awareness and (heart) consciousness building. The way to go is not to be told be others what to do or live by expectations from others.  All you need to see is that it is  just an advice or invitation to do it a certain way.  Nothing is compulsory even if they tell you you are not going to make it or end up at a  dead-end.  It is your way and you decide where your going but I know for certain you will show up in the end at the finish as we all do.  Just know there are multiple ways to get to  the finish.  Even your destination can be altered on your course according to new insights, awareness or growth in consciousness and vibrational frequency energy of yourself.

So there is nothing confusing as long as you alow it to be that, not confusing. This I wanna say for sure:  oneness is about more than beings saying to be “ascended” “enlightened” or “shifted” as these  terms often are used wrongly and I see it as pure semantics.  It is just about all of us going through certain stages in awareness, consciousness and energy vibrational levels to become the fully activated light beings and manifestor creator beings.  The control and enslavement of all of us for our energy has brought you off-course and your internal satnav did not work anymore as it was taught not to or even was disabled.  The endless clueless  driving is over as you see the true empowered you appearing in shifts that will get you every time a level up the ladder. These shifts  can come quickly as we are now already in higher vibrational frequencies.

All of us have experienced change already. We were duality beings that have now integrated  or are in the process of integrating  the extreme polarities that made up our perception.  It was an illusion that was kept into place for us to finish a long experiment. We would end this story as contracted in a totally “not ever done before way”  new way to ascend all in our physical bodies into the new paradigm of 5D.  If things are changing and shifting  it is all in a unique and never done before and also personal way. So nobody can tell us people we got it all wrong!

If oneness and unity is saying there is no wrong and right anymore, no polarities but just balance that brings unity than there should be for every right also a wrong being balanced out.  Except that there is always choice and probability. The outcome is not fixed. The only thing I can say and I know is that there is a 5D non-time spherical creation we have shifted into  after 21 st December 2012. It is our new probability center or concept we need to learn to navigate in. In this concept certain old patterns, dogmas, teachings, beliefs, education, etc of the past are not allowed anymore. It is that what now plays out to be the part of the ending of the vibrational frequency energies of illusion. Duality and control of our divine energies will stop.  The plug was pulled from the duality already last year. Now it is running on its last excess energy we are also bringing to a halt by awakening in greater numbers than ever. We are stopping the  feeding of energy to the illusion and control.  There will be no restart of the old.  There only can be transition from old to new and all will be in also done in new ways as the 5D  concept is giving all possibilities for creation. Those that have problems shifting will be in illusionary bubbles within the 5D resonance field. They will pop “over time” as consciousness or awareness and resonance will make a unification with the concept happen.  Nobody is living outside this 5D concept here on earth.  Even if they think they are or imagine.  Some think to be going and or wanna leave earth. Your soul contract is though over when it is over not sooner than that.

Some speak of dreaming it all to be. It can be seen as Dreamtime  as it is conscious energy we are manipulating into being, into form or whatever creation that comes from oneness and  the unity field. All exist in all. As in All exists One.  Every building block is a conscious fractal so to say that gives a certain vibrational energy signature. And all the fractals can form freely whatever its needs to be.  All is just a total vibrational field energy structure that holds a certain concept in existence.  Some say it is a program and it could be seen like that, but a program is rigid even a self-learning one.  A creational concept is not. It allows all probabilities to be fully accessed freely without limitations within that structure. The concept is the only limitation it has. The concept is build around unity that holds the space for all not only one or a group. It is about equality. It is about all having available for all.  This means no exemptions.

We need to see also that equality also honors the individual. It does not make us all being the same. We are having equality as a rule to be applied to make sure everything and everybody is having equal probabilities to create and manifest on a free will basis of all in our vibrational frequency energy structure. Abundance is for all available and cannot be taken from anything or anybody without conscious consent. So forced consent or manipulated consent is not possible.

We are beginning our journey together on a common created reality basis very soon some building blocks came from last year and most will be imagined and manifested this year. We are now just in the phase that is  making the last energies disappear that are not compatible with the new concept. The spherical 5D concept creational  field will ask of you to get your manifesting intentions on the go. We need to do this work together by supporting what needs to be done, in contributing in and surrounding creation and helping where needed all.  Everyone has a possibility to share his or her or its talents, creativity or just energy.

I see still too much people still pulling others down or trying to just do only from self-interest things due to holding onto the old energies of the past. We need to be clear to set aside ego, we need not abolish or kill it.  Transparency in all will come about  and it will show the things  as they are.  So also the personal things will be shown transparent and you can  get rid off or get working on that what is not beneficial anymore.  So let go off or integrate in your being all that polarity into unity.  For balance is the new order of things.  All that exists,  seen or unseen affects everything in existence. So what is created should be created with care for all that is.  We are as you will see an intertwined entity that exists on multiple levels in existence.  Some say as above so below.  Be righteous and know we all have played a role in our life or past lives to be the good or bad. So the balance is not to be tipped again by creating old patterns over and over in punishment, hate, anger, violence, etc. It is having a balance in seeing we need to reconcile and work together to really become that One conscious humanity.  Some times feeling your  vibrational energetic frequency is more important than hearing or  seeing words as you will know that things could be energetically intended different than it was interpreted with the mind or ego in the background.  Let us open hearts in compassion, forgiveness and gratitude towards the roles we have played either way.  Without the roles played we  never would have learned to experience that we can make heaven upon earth happen and life our lives in eternal bliss, love, peace and abundance together.

The coming days will show you the old map and where you stand, but also you will have the opportunity now to begin drawing a  new map of what will be. So be good. Vibrational resonance will bring all together and do not worry past/present/future will be all just right now. It is all going to be just fine as things will evolve in the divine way. Happy shift to all on what level or imagined cloud you are. We are going to make it happen as the masters we all are. Creation 5D is happening.

Love and Light, in abundance of being.


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