Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Trust And Belief System – 6 June 2013

djwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. This is a perfect time to cover the topic on trust and belief systems.

True trust is an inner knowing that something is perfectly in place, perfectly balanced. It can also be in the form more of an alert of not trusting that the lamp is going to stay on the table if the dog knocks into the table, that kind of thing. So it could be trust or not trusting.

And then we have another dynamic here which involves the belief systems. Now the nature of belief systems is to build upon one belief and then create a system of beliefs. So, for example, the dog frequently bats his tail and knocks things over that are that height therefore if I am going to place a table and a lamp at his height range I need to make sure they are heavy and won’t fall over easily or whatever it is. So you build a structure of belief systems.

And then trust is something that is occurring now within humanity, it’s sort of crumbling. Maybe I can’t trust the stock market or I can’t trust a certain person that I know to keep their word, or I can’t really trust that tomorrow is going to be another good day.

So sometimes what we’re doing when we build on these systems based on a core belief is we’re actually sabotaging what could otherwise be a wonderful experience. You might walk the dog through the room and say “please make sure you never wag your tail right here or go too fast around the corner and knock into this table”. A conscious dog will listen and do their best to abide by that rule.

And then when we deal with trusting other people in relationships or maybe trusting a boss to be reasonable or whatever it is, be careful that you have not constructed a set of beliefs that they’re bound to follow. So you want to keep wiping away those beliefs so to speak, or clearing them. I like to toss them into a blue triangle and dissolve them that way.

But don’t let them build up in a negative manner so that you can really use that intuitive trust function. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s either “I totally trust this is going to happen” or “I totally trust this is not going to happen”. So you can use it more from that intuitive level.

We have Neptune going retrograde until November 13. This is a perfect time to practice true intuition and true trust.

As always, thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

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