Timeless Time – A Poem – 6 June 2013

Uploaded on 25 March 2013 by bh635

Hi i wrote this poem today and i thought i would share it with the world in my own voice with some nice music and pics!!
hope you like it….
Timeless time

When is it time? I heard them say…

So when is it then, was now or before
The past and future are hard to ignore
I said time is a dream, a mystical stream
From a fictional story on a silver screen

Time never begun and it shall never end
Hence no reason to feel sad, when it tends to bend
For all that has been and shall be, can be seen
From this daydream called life, oh this dream in a dream

Time exists in our minds but our minds cannot see
All the colours of creation that elude this reality
And every moment you saver, isn’t lost out at sea
It’s just docked in your harbor, waiting your return for eternity

So time isn’t real and yes man can be free
From its boundaries and limits, that most cannot see
So when you sleep at night try remember me
So that moment to moment, time will be free!!


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