Bill Ballard – Mastery Is Acknowledging We Individually Generate Our Reality – Rebuttal – 7 June 2013

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Dear Brother Ron again calls me out in his video today. I have to say brother, please don’t assume “ASS-U-ME” that you have understanding of how I feel, what I do, or that I think I am better or higher than any other… More spiritually awake as you said, well maybe more than most at this point but that is exactly why I teach what I teach and do what I do…. I AM HERE to change this planet and humanity…. My mission. There are many many of us who are here to change the planet, and I too believe you are one of them… In fact, I believe everyone here on Mother Earth is here to change this planet and humanity… It is our honor.

There is a process to what is going on as we awaken spiritually and activate ourselves and begin our Ascension Mastery. It starts with self and is all about self. You have to change self to change the world. You cannot change the world by focusing on the exterior. First you have to change the interior and realize the game that YOU that WE ALL ARE CREATING!
That process of Ascending, or Ascension Mastery will be the same for all of us although the experiences will be different for each of us. It is simply bringing in the LIGHT that we ALL ARE into this physical form. That LIGHT IS CONSCIOUSNESS! That IS the LIGHT of ALL THAT IS, or GOD….

There was a fellow that walked this Earth some 2000 years ago who spoke of this. Now there are numerous persons on this planet, just as that man Jesus said so long ago, here doing many of the same things. Together we are changing this planet.

The question IS, when will you choose to master you own experience you call LIFE? You are already creating it… But when will each person of the collective of humanity come to the realization that we each are doing this, and together are generating the experience that is unfolding on Earth at this time which builds New Earth…. Are you TRULY spiritually awake? Haha


Here is the video that Ron posted today. He is repetitively calling me out and just as in the UCC Maritime Law System, if you are charged, you have the option to rebuke the charge against you or you are accepting that charge… I don’t accept the charge Ron is making against me… So there… Here is Ron’s video from today… There are many more in this series you can back up just before this that has unfolded if you care to watch them. I speak to them all.


Bill Ballard


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