Lisa Gawlas – Major Choice Points, Collapsing Realities And The Movement Towards Shambhala – 7 June 2013


I use several words to pretty much describe the same thing, multiple times lines, multiple frequencies of earth, and sometimes just multiple earths itself.  Every version of earth emits a very distinct frequency coinciding with a energy collective from vast past, present and future timelines, and with that frequency comes the available lessons thru that version of earth.  Many are still clearing old karma, old energy, some however, have cleared all the karma and is becoming more and more imbued with the new energy.

To keep the understanding simple, lets just say there are 100 different versions of earth, each vibrating at a different frequency, each with learning lessons of their own… which is why we hop from earth to earth, to clear whatever we hold in that vibration, but we equally begin to clear that earth’s frequency as well.

Each version of earth has embedded in it, high vibrational people.  Many of these people are messengers, teachers, channels… you get the idea.  Their messages that they put out are directed towards the energy field, the lessons that are still underway on their version of earth.

I mention this because, as I went to open a link that was placed on my facebook page about the energies of June, before I even clicked on it, I heard my team say “remember, all reports are from the frequency in which they are housed in.”  Listening to the first 3 minutes of the report I knew the speaker was not talking about me.  They were lessons I had moved thru the beginning of last year.  But it sure does make it understandable why there are so many contrasting messages out there.  The veil that once kept all these various earths separate from each other is so thin that they all appear to be in the same place… our place.  This is also why spirit had talked for many months last year about how important discernment is.  Especially when a message is something you just moved thru and you shifted to a higher frequency of earth with learning lessons of its own.  You may not be sure what your new lessons are and by virtue of memory that is so recent, feel aligned with the older messages and miss the new ones by not feeling them as strongly as you do the older ones.

Often times, between shifting from one earth to another, you are going to feel disconnected, drained even, like someone put a huge comma in your sentence of life… these really are moments to celebrate and allow yourself to recalibrate with your new frequency zone.

As I contemplate the vastness of all that is happening and what it means to us, each and every one of us, my vision goes to the earths on top of earths with the center hole thru each one of them.

Every now and again, massive choice points collide and create opportunities of opening and acceleration.  We are in one of those major choice points right now.

Moving towards the center, the opening, the upward pull of the collective.  Thru my meditation the other day, I was shown something that not only did I forget (I am so good at doing that) but that equally surprised me.

Stretched across space and time, as far as my vision could see was a very very thin film that seemed to be the separation as well as the connecting place of what we would call above and below. But this was not just any ordinary film.  As I stood under it looking up, it was an eye.  A pale blue eye stretching across time and space.  Some how I knew, what we need to do,  if we choose, is move thru the pupil.

During my bath, I really had no idea what I was looking at.  Yesterday, as I wrote the majority of the above part of this sharing I realized that eye, the pupil of the eye is where all the holes in all the earths lead to.  What the Guardians called (last year) the eye of horus.  For a couple of months earlier last year, the eye of horus, moving thru the eye of the needle was so prominent in so many readings, in so many sharings, then, as usually happens, we moved onto the next phase and until now, never got back to the eye of horus.

During this time, when the Guardians of the Mesa were actively sharing and aligning us with the eye of horus, they gave us three hypnosis sessions to speed our alignment along.  I still have those hypnosis recordings on my website at:  I no longer have them hosted anywhere but on my webpage, so you can only listen to them from there.  Some browsers let you download the files, some do not.  If you feel inclined to, please enjoy the three sessions.  Unfortunately, when you go to that page, all three audio’s start at once, please just put them on pause, I have no control over that.

Before I was shown this filmy eye that made up the entire sky (so to speak) my meditation started out so unexpectedly!!  As I lay in my bath and closed my eyes, directly in front of me, on the top of the water a multi-colored funnel cloud spinning counter-clockwise and so unusually wide at the top.  I just sort of stared at it in complete surprise and the next thing I know I can feel this energy move into me and up thru and out my heart center, golden dots of energy (thanx night class…smile) that formed its own funnel like bridge to the top of the Mesa.  The Mesa that is my backyard in New Mexico.

Even the very top part of the Mesa has not been a focal point of anyones readings since sometime last summer and here we are again.  It so feels like we closed a circle, a cycle that has now brought us back to a new beginning.

On the top of the mesa was a really large upside down golden/yellow triangle.  The point of the triangle was in the mesa itself.  As I moved my vision downwards, to what would be the side of the mesa a large set of yellow woody doors.  As I watched, the doors opened slowly and a yellow wooden stage slowly slid out from deep within the Mesa to create a stage or platform.  Once the platform was completely out, a host of Guardians took their place on this stage, put on biology.  I made a super humble image of what I had seen.  Replace the blue stars with fully dressed out Guardians/Indians:


The stage is a bit off-center, but like I said, it’s a humble interpretation!!  Each of the Guardians had either drums or rattles and started making music together.  Golden musical notes started moving from the stage, one by one, and moved into my bath, into my up close vision and then dissipated.

Once their concert was either done, or I was so a part of the music itself that was inaudible to my external vision and I moved to the triangle area.  The flat top part of the triangle is where I had seen the filmy eye, but now, there was no left or right side edge… it was everywhere.

I heard the Guardians say or play notes that I knew meant:  thru the eye of horus.

Yesterday, as I was trying to compose this sharing, before the intense sadness engulfed me, I could see this eye at the top level of the collective earths and I knew, if we dared, our mission was to go thru the pupil, the collective hole in all versions of earth.  That is where Shambhala lives.

Thru the accumulating tears that were welled up inside of me all day long yesterday, the energy and deeper understanding of what Shambhala is.  It is an energy.  A pure, radiant energy.  Love, untainted.  The only true way to pass thru the eye of horus is to be that energy.  To be the human reflection in the biological field of matter.

I know, that deep down, everyone would love to simply move into the space of Shambhala, the space where the pureness of Heaven lives and dances out loud in created matter.

Choice Points!!

When spirit said the other day that we have the choice now to move into the center, into the hole of all the versions of earth, as always, there was so much more to the story.  Making personal choices about your personal version of life and what, at the deepest level of your Being, do you want.  What is your inner most deepest desire.  Surface desires will simply not do!!

If you genuinely desire to live in a place where heaven exists on earth, that energy field MUST radiate from you, thru you, consistently.  To hold a frequency so high that nothing else can get thru.  No negative, no drama, no questioning and loaded with pure, absolute trust.

Even for the bearers of Light on any given frequency, if you truly desire this space within yourself, movement is at hand.  Untangling from any and all discarnate energy to the hole, the opening, the upward pull thru the eye of horus.  For some, that means untangling from negative family situations, job situations, life situations and leaving the version of earth you are resting upon.  No need to worry that your work may not be done, there are others coming up the pike to hold your light and continue the work you have been doing.  That has always been the way of it.

Our mother (earth) and father (sun) are doing their part in harmony.  Flood’s, tornado’s, fires, earthquakes, that’s the way mama cleans house.  Solar flares, solar wind, magnetic storms… that’s the way daddy plants his new seeds.

WE are the Living Garden of Life.  WE are the flowers that grow in the land of Shambhala.  it has always been US, if we dare!!

To even think for a moment you can stay within discordant energy and still move thru the eye of horus is the mind telling you a very different story, keeping you in its comfort zone.

As we move thru the upward pulling hole in the collective center of all earths, it is as if we become raw.  No skin to shield us, a transmutation on every conceivable level, done by many. As the avalanche of tears and overwhelming sadness moved into me yesterday, I knew this was what was happening.  Vacuum cleaner mode to the umpth degree.  But man, hearing and most especially, FEELING judgement, condemnation, prejudice is what bugs must feel when they hit the electricity field of a bug zapper!  I was fully aware in every moment, I could not live here and house the full and true energy of shambhala within me 24/7, its just to exhausting.

I took a bath yesterday just to try to free myself from not only the energy moving thru me, but the energy being pelted at me from outside myself.  For the first time, I just wanted to be released from what I was doing… looking for a way to turn off the vacuum cleaner mode!  Instead, my team gave me two huge bursts of energy.  First, an image that is so near and dear to my heart; standing at my kitchen sink, looking out to the Mesa and feeling the constant purity of love flowing towards me.  There is such a wonderful inhale and exhale of loving life there!!  I know, in that moment, I glowed, until it dissipated and that deep sadness returned.  Dammit, they didn’t turn off the vacuum!!  As I was getting grumpy, they gave me the next image; my grandson surrounded by a ball of light, him running towards me with arms wide open and I planted myself there.  I will be with him Sunday, I can do this til Sunday.

I have decided to up my return date to the Mesa as well to the 7th of July.  There is more to this ongoing story, but I will leave that for next time.  My laptop battery is about to die… again!!

These are no ordinary times we are Living.  Thank goodness!!!  Once again, I am prompted to leave you with a (now familiar) question:

If you can have it ALL, would you first let it ALL go??

I love you sooo much.  Thank you from the depths of my soul for bobbing and weaving with me, especially those who have readings that were scheduled during my time in Pennsylvania, had I known for a moment they were not going to be able to happen, I would have cleared my calendar first.  Actually (smile) I would have not come here for this long.  Sneaky, sneaky spirit!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with the pure loving energy and super potential of Shambhala,

Lisa Gawlas

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