Méline Lafont – Melchizedek – The planetary Shift Of May That Unfolds In June And July – 7 June 2013

MélineLafontGreetings, dear ones.

Being an Ascended Master and a teacher of the higher realm of the Elohim of the Light, I have an enormous appreciation and respect towards all of you for the excellent work that you all are performing while in incarnation. Everywhere around the world, manifestations are forming in various ways, each having their own characteristics but nevertheless they perform admirably. We see the manifestations of the Indigo generation getting busy as Lightworkers and representatives of the Light, working in a peaceful manner and with the utmost respect in their hearts.

These indigo generations do not have to be fully awakened per se as they carry the perfection of God’s Being within themselves and are very deeply connected to that. They have been programmed for this and arrived in this reality just to do the work that has now started. Utterly beautiful movements take place nowadays because every heart feels affection for one another and those hearts want to bundle their forces in order to anchor even more of their light.

That is what cooperation and change is all about. Taking matters into your own hands and doing something with the energy and the creations that no longer serve you! That’s why we express our well-earned gratitude and love for the marvellous development of these important manifestations. All hearts support each other in this, resulting in the most powerful movement ever!

What we are able to see from our vantage point these days is a huge expansion of Love. Gaia is engulfed with water and Love, both signals of a huge cleansing as well as a birth in pure love. Hearts do feel more love than was the case just a little while ago and this is due to the enormous intense portals that opened up in the tumultuous month of May. Perhaps the month of May has been the most intense month ever, containing the hardest, toughest processes that you ever had to go through and many of you are grateful for having stood your ground despite the intensity.

And how right you are! As seen from an energetic point of view, this month contained indeed the most extreme portal and climax ever to be experienced by a human incarnation. The fact that you all are still present in this time frame has to do with how much you are transmuting and how well-versed you are to do so. You are by far the best workers for the job.

Many of you are so-called Ascension pioneers. You came to this world to help awaken it and to show your love, others are incarnations who will awaken and will contribute their part in this Ascension process. No matter from what angle you look at things, you all are Ascension Masters who will experience a global and solar Ascension and are Mastering this. Everyone of you plays his/her part and will contribute : no exceptions, no one is excluded!

The month of May has released a lot with respect to emotional ties as well as with regards to the perceptions and the self-image of the physical incarnations. How many souls have stepped through the door of doubt, at specific moments? The pressure of the eclipses and of the portals has seen to it that a whole lot of outdated manifestations went out the window to make room for the new ones.

The month of June will be about the cleanup as it were, a thorough cleansing after the turbulent times of May. Water will be heavily involved in this because many planets are now situated in water signs this month, so you can expect some high tides and heavy rains as they can be prevalent. However, do not worry too much as this is a routine for the general wellbeing of all of you. Water purifies and activates immensely; it gives the opportunity for growth and for birth!

Let’s all focus this month on the general wellbeing of each soul by being in total harmony and balance with yourself. This can imply that many emotions will pass in review as the emotional body will undergo a thorough transformation and integration of your Christed Being. When you come to a point where the emotions are too hard to bear and you are on the verge of collapse, go outside and look at the sun, feel the sun’s energies (for about 5 minutes) and let the sun recharge you with solar energy so you can move on, reinforced and revitalized. Nature is now your very solid companion in your journey throughout the month of June and will assist you in grounding and being at peace even in the most difficult of challenges.

Ask the trees to remove your sorrows by draining them out of your heart through their roots, ask the wind to carry away your fears and blow them far and wide, ask the sun to recharge your hearts with all her love and light and last but not least, ask the plants and the water to absorb all your anger and reverse it into bliss. Mother Earth has gone through a huge shift and portal on the etheric level and that fact is now manifesting itself in your reality. Accept the changes and make good use of the magnificent energies available this month as they will provide you with so much potential in your world and your reality on condition that you open yourself up for it and go to work with it.

My dear ones, it has once more been a privilege to share this message with all of you. I express my gratitude for this and I wish you all a very pleasant time of creations.


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