FreePlanet – Aluminium Is Non-Magnetic right – Ralph Ring – Utron Aqua-Marine Time-Travel Memory-Wiping Transportation Device – 8 June 2013

(Lucas : I always say keep an open mind and also discern yourselves.)

This could be the most astonishing Scientific footage you’ll see this year…
the UTRON is a piece of solid aluminium made of an upper and lower cone each with a ‘vertex angle’ of ninety degrees – there’s nothing special about it, UNTIL you spin it at 30,000 revs with at power drill.

And magnetic induction seems to take place.

Did you see how the non-magnetic aluminium suddenly attracts the permanent magnet in such a cyclic way that it induces spin to the magnet?.

Oh, point of note: the UTRON is something that’s (allegedly) used in a levitating anti-gravity ship that’s controlled by THE POWER OF THE MIND.

Aqua-marine time-travel memory-wiping transportation device. Ref: Ralph Ring talks about the 45-ft resonance-based ‘private flying disc’ he piloted along with Otis T Carr (who claims to be a protege of Nikola Tesla) which transported them all ‘using his mind’ back in the 1950’s.

Which brings to mind something said recently by Lockheed Martin’s senior scientist Boyd Bushman, “When you use electromagnetism to overcome gravity, very little energy is needed to move the craft. Maybe even the mind is enough.” paraphrase. Hence…


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