Sophia Love – -” I’m Awake Now. It Still Sucks. ” – 8 June 2013

This progression of awareness is catapulting you forward – as it must so that transformation and ascension can occur.  You have to do this yourself.  It cannot be handed to you or happen only while you are unaware.  It is being played out in “real time” as you have desired it.  You wanted the ultimate – you wanted to move from disconnected in every way to completely integrated.

This was your choice.  You are in it now; coming from a beginning of sharp contrast, programming and slavery.  You would will yourself dead from boredom if not for the promise of change.  These times you are now living through are marked with being the “worst” in your recollection.  In fact “worst” is a relative construct and always depends on your state of mind at the time.

This moment of no hope has only two directions – it can descend into complete apathy and death or its opposite – life and love.  Either will be the result of an internal shift.  Do not take the words responsible and creation and turn them into blame.  Do not misuse the ability to foresee happiness and/or change to benefit all by turning it into impatience and fruitless agitation.

A fully conscious being is there always.  Have you experienced unconsciousness in this physical realm?  In that state you are absolutely unaware.  When you return to consciousness, everything has changed – your position on the earth, your perspective and your method of processing what is going on.  There are no clues as to the “truth” of your situation.  You have to pull from what you remember, surmise and decide.

The first time unconsciousness took hold was in a church. (I know, interesting setting, right?) When I came to, my eyes fell on the feet of a white robed figure standing before me.  I surmised I had died and was before the feet of God at the pearly gates.  In fact, the priest had come down off the altar to see up close what all the ruckus was about.  In subsequent “black outs” I knew better than to make snap judgments based on my surroundings.

Thankfully, those blackouts have stopped yet unconsciousness hasn’t. I find myself looking for clues still, with nothing to go on but what I already “know” or have been told. None of that applies, and yet try explaining this to the ego.  It has reigned supreme your entire life, dictating facts and making decisions.  It is not sitting by quietly, waiting for the heart to render it powerless.  No, the ego is pulling out all the stops.  It is up to you to discern the truth.

It rests squarely in the middle and that is a place that can only be found on your own.  There are a few things that are in fact universally true.  One is that all of your life is a reflection of what you believe and are focused on right now.  What that looks like very much depends on the available choices within the construct of your current dream.

Your waking dream is 3D earth, 2013, human body, male or female.  What is happening is that the very fabric of existence for the body you inhabit is being altered while you are living in it.  This naturally creates confusion, as we are associative beings.  We’ve relied on some outside definition to tell us what is happening and why.

Answers such as “bad luck”, “illness”, “lack of work”, “age”, “faith”, “disobedience”, “beauty”, “bank account”, “location”, “opportunity” and “money” all provided a seemingly complete answer before consciousness began to creep in. In the midst of awakening, your eyes see those answers are not the whole story, but rather the visible portion of an iceberg; there is much more going on beneath the surface.

The circumstances right this minute are yours – chosen on some level by you.  They appear to be the fault of a “corrupt system” or “poor choices” when in fact they are opportunities and the catalyst for full consciousness.  Once that happens, everything will change.

Don’t mislead yourself into “I’ve fully awakened and everything still sucks.”  You haven’t and it doesn’t.  “Sucks” is also a relative term.  From a broader perspective, it’s perfect.  You’ve chosen the most efficient way to reach full awareness.  Trust that you knew what you were doing when you made this choice.

You’ll know when you wake up.  It’ll all look different and will all, very quickly, make sense.  The entire iceberg will be visible.  A Master would have it no other way.  First you have to discover the iceberg and understand its depth.  Then you are able to clearly and seamlessly move through, around and beyond it. That iceberg will forever be a part of who you are on the other side.

You have every tool necessary for clear vision.  Do not waver in your knowing of this truth or spend all of your energy focused on the tip of the iceberg.

You are so much more than it seems right now; a being of unimaginable brilliance, you have chosen the depths of despair for contrast and understanding.  Each mystery life holds will open to you in your living of it.  You are here in these times to personify God.

In each moment ask yourself “What do I see?”, “What do I know?”

You are here to make manifest love.  You will create and witness heaven on earth.  For this you were chosen and you chose.  It is time to be the God that you are.  You are the One.

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