John Ward – The Paedofile : At Every Level, Local Or National, The Official Bollockspeak Continues Unchanged – 9 June 2013

camformalWhy Cameron has a chance to show he can influence Google rather than just attend its employees’ weddings

A PRIMARY school teacher and a senior education official at Bournemouth Council have been charged with offences relating to indecent images of children.

Two child pornography cases – entirely separate – in one local authority were up before the Bournemouth beak last week. But we shouldn’t worry, because the Council is doing all the right things….and Downing Street Dave is getting tough. So just you jolly well watch out.

Within its Safeguarding and Social Inclusion Service, Bournemouth somehow manages to have an Exclusions Officer, providing ‘independent advice to parents/carers and schools’ about – well, you know – people with nasty interests that we wouldn’t want anywhere near our children. I’d imagine being the exclusion officer in a Council obsessed with social inclusion is a lonely and thankless task. And Bournemouth’s child/education literature tends to support that thought, because there isn’t a single mention of vetting anywhere in it. Absent too are the words ‘sexual safety’, ‘freedom from sexual abuse’, and ‘paedophiles’.

The Council’s pamphlet – full colour and 80 pages long – is called the Bournemouth Plan for children. All human jargon is in there – it promises to:

‘Work in partnership to bring about fundamental changes and improved outcomes using multi-agency support to provide outstanding quality services by working in partnership with a focus on improving outcomes for improved effectiveness of multi-agency preventative work including significant contributions made to service planning and delivery through effective and efficient commissioning to ensure delivery of our plan. Working effectively in partnership, we believe this new targeted approach will be the best framework for our continued success in improving outcomes for Bournemouth’s children and young people.’

Anyway, setting aside that drivel, Bournemouth town hall officer, Robert Ian Finlay, 53, has been charged with making indecent images of children. That’s one up from downloading: this bloke is accused of producing the stuff. He will appear before Bournemouth magistrates on June 18.

Which is a blow for Bournemouth’s ‘rigorous’ vetting system, because Mr Finalay works as a programme leader in the Children’s Services Department.

In a completely separate case, Simon Clannachan 40, a teacher at Kingsleigh School in East Howe, appeared before Bournemouth magistrates last June 4th. He was charged on 21 counts of downloading pornographic child images.

The school’s Headmaster puffed the predictable bollocks:

“A thorough multi-agency investigation has taken place involving the police, social services, the local authority, our human resources provider and of course the school. The school has robust safeguarding procedures in place and all staff are thoroughly vetted before they are employed and every three years.”

He admits that Mr Clannachan got through the procedure without a scratch. Thus, despite being thorough, multi-agency and robust, it didn’t work. Note there the quiet but clear mention of a human resources provider. That’ll be the infinitely more efficient private sector doing its bit again.

Talking of zealots, you may have noticed from trawling through the output of Tory Minister Edward Timpson that multi-agencyness is the new Secret Weapon in the somewhat dilatory fight to identify sexual psychopaths. But it’s just more of the same old cock Whitehall and Westminster put out about something in which they don’t really take any serious interest.

No doubt Dan Hannan’s answer would be to deregulate the entire selection process, while introducing a soft-touch self-regulation regime for web companies allowing this stuff to be enjoyed by carefully vetted perverts. You see, as the system isn’t working, in Hannanland you blow up the system and replace it with nothing. Bit like Margaret Thatcher and the mining industry, really.

So it’s a good job that, rather than Dan sitting in Number Ten Downing Street, we have the indefatigable David Cameron there polishing his grubby friends. Among these, as we saw earlier last week, Dave includes roughly half the senior management of Google. Google has thus far done little or nothing to control the trade whereby teachers and kiddie team leaders can stick child-porn on the internet as well as sticking things up other inappropriate places. But now Dave wants a crackdown: today he calls for “more action” from web companies to rid the internet of images of child sex abuse, adding that he is “….sickened by the proliferation of child pornography. It twists minds and is a danger to children. The time for excuses and blame is over – we must all work together.” Because as you know we are all in this together, and working together through multi-agency channels to improve outcomes.

So it will be interesting see what influence the Prime Minister has with Gluegle….or whether the relationship is needed rather more by the Government than it is by the Googlies. Whether Gobble likes it or not, the PM has a strong case: in two recent murder trials, the killers of five-year-old April Jones and Tia Sharp, 12, were revealed to have viewed abusive images of children. And research by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has suggested that more than half of those who view child abuse images go on to commit abuse themselves. So it’s a good job that our teaching and Council childcare employees are thoroughly vetted, and not spending half the day looking at kids learning about pigs. Phew.

The deadly combination of arse-covering and turning a blind eye to arse-raping is as alive and well as it ever was in every stage of the industrial process of child-trafficking – one of the few success stories around in relation to British exports. We can now add to that social workers writing gibberish, private vetters shoving the target numbers through, Ministers playing games with deckchair-arranging spin, Downing Street keen to pretend infant abuse doesn’t exist in the system, and ISPs putting shareholder demands before child safety.

It’s a wonderful world out there, is it not? “Sod the victims, I want to keep my job” and “Sod the victims, we make good money out of this” working in perfect harmony throughout. And all thanks to that wonderful catalyst, ideology.  / link to original article


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