PeoplesTrustSaskatoon – The Event From My perspective – 9 June 2013

My perspetive of *THE EVENT* is the way I think things might unfold when I connect a few dots & discipher the language used by Heather!

We were told that things would change in the BLINK of an EYE or at the speed of HEART!!
We were also told that at the time of the event ABSOLUTE DATA would be revealed for all to access!! Which is the cellular memory or Akasik records & we have to go within to access the absolute data! For everyone to have access to the absolute data at the same time, it would mean that everyone should be hitting full conciousness at the same time! Hence the *EVENT* would be of an energetic nature!!

Now we all know they went to the Sahara a few days ago & the area is a huge energetic centre (one of many on Gaia) They way I understand it is there was deliberate damage done to the energy grid long ago (for control) which they are repairing! Plus they are raising the vibrational frequencies also!

Some people are waiting for things to happen & this is something external while we have been told that we have to change from within then our outside changes along with us!

The best thing we can all do instead of waiting for change is to raise our vibrational frequencies in anyway we can. Listen to uplifting music, LAUGH & GIGGLE LOTS, Meditate, grounding & staying balanced & centered! Everything we do to raise our frequencies, raises the collective & assists the crew in Morocco & the Sahara. Many of us are there assisting while working in the dream state too!!

If we know now how they put truth in movies & once we are able to connect the dots I really find the one That Rachel put together with a clip from Raiders of the Lost Ark is very significant for this moment of NOW.

We know that as the positive vibrational frequencies rise the ones that thrive on negative energy (that won’t change) won’t be able to survive & this is why they are scared & trying everything they can to keep people in fear through mis & disinfo! / link to original article


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