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The Cosmic Giggle – (Film) – 10 June 2013

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Brenda Hoffman – There Are No Shirkers In This Transition – 10 June 2013

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Special Event: Brenda and Janet Hickox will channel and answer questions about aspects of this transition for Janet’s “Living With Astrology” show Thursday, June 20 – 4 pm PDT  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authenticyouradio/2013/06/20/living-astrology-new-paradigm-new-age-new-astrology. Continue reading


Der Spiegel – Peter Bofinger – ECB Case At High Court : The Bundesbank Is Playing A Dangerous Games – 10 June 2013

ECB President Mario Draghi (left) and Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann disagree on bond buying.

ECB President Mario Draghi (left) and Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann disagree on bond buying.

With its opposition to the ECB’s bond-buying policy, the German central bank is pursuing a risky strategy that may stem in part from a desire to enhance its own power. Germany’s Constitutional Court will hold a key hearing on bond buying this week.

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Just A Thought – 10 June 2013

Foto: Spending more time in nature is definitely one of many ways we can raise our consciousness. ►www.collective-evolution.com/2013/04/30/11-important-tips-to-raise-your-consciousness/

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Wikileaks Trial Shifting To Specific Items Manning Leaked, Including Unseen Afghan War Video – 10 June 2013

FORT MEADE, Md. – The court-martial of a U.S. Army private who gave troves of classified material to the website WikiLeaks is shifting in its second week to specific items he sent.

The trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning resumes Monday at Fort Meade, near Baltimore.

The prosecution lineup includes two witnesses familiar with video of a 2009 U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan that killed at least 26 civilians.

Manning has acknowledged sending the video to WikiLeaks from Iraq in the spring of 2010. But it was never posted online.

The government alleges Manning sent it in late fall or early winter of 2009. That’s when a witness has said a similar video appeared on the computer of a U.S. resident who allegedly tried to decrypt it for WikiLeaks.

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WikiLeaks Trial Shifting To Specific Items Manning Leaked, Including Unseen Afghan War Video – 10 June 2013

Uploaded on 7 June 2013 by TheRealNews Confederation of unions, stage two day strike in solidarity with protestors, against police brutality and for a more democratic Turkey.  See more videos at http://therealnews.com

Policymic – Taksim Square Protest: 11 Images From Turkey That Will Give You The Warm Fuzzies – 10 June 2013

taksim, square, protest:, 11, images, from, turkey, that, will, give, you, the, warm, fuzzies,

Taksim Square Protest 11 Images From Turkey That Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies

For over a week, Turkish protesters have responded to every instance of police violence with acts of kindness and community. Here are a few examples. Continue reading

PrisonPlanet – China Destroys Multiple Shipments Of GM Corn From US – 10 June 2013


Original article by Ethan A. Huff Natural News  June 10, 2013

Several large shipments of genetically-modified (GM) corn and corn seeds originating from the U.S. have been destroyed by the Chinese government after being discovered by import officials at numerous locations across the country. At least three shipments of GM corn detected at the Wanzai Port in Zhuhai City near Macau were reportedly destroyed after being successfully intercepted by government officials, while another 21 cartons of GM corn seeds weighing more than 250 pounds were destroyed in the northern Chinese city of Harbin. Continue reading

John Ward – Crash 2 : Why Japan Is Doomed, And How The Inside Trackers Are Getting Their Ducks In A Row – 10 June 2013

John WardTokyo’s strategy requires every economic assumption ever made to be proved wrong.

Words spoken last year by UCLA’s Dr Michael J Burry at the 2012 graduation of his students:

“At the highest levels of economic thought in government, questions are not tolerated. It is as if we are dealing with the binary judgement of a fundamentalist religion. Finance theory and practice fare no better. The continuing crisis makes a mockery of the principles which have guided credit policy and risk management since the 1960s. As it turns out, information is not perfect, volatility does not define risk, markets are not efficient and the individual is adaptable. But the dark age of finance allows no such light…” Continue reading

Lucas – From Old To New – Clash Of Perceptions – Clearing The Path For New Perceptions And You In The New – 10 June 2013

sunriseWhen the energetics of vibrational frequency with a bit of support of the illuminati’s  heavy spraying chemtrails  and HAARPing ELF waves and other frequencies  are provoking people to feel uneasy and itchy and even argumentative and angry it is time to see.  The real story is that of seeing the new develop after the old is let go off.  It  is by clearing emotions. It is by clearing old thinking patterns, dogmas ,etc, and it is via physical releasing that what is not beneficial to the body.  On all levels of being: body, mind and feeling is worked and shifted. It shows itself in having arguments, making your stand, or telling your truth. It shows itself also in heavy emotional outbreaks all over the scale from crying to laughter.  It shows again itself via disease, clearing of the bowel and intestines or via feeling nausea or having a cold, flu or some other undefined itch or ache somewhere. Whatever it is to come out to clear this individual micro level of perceptions  will come out.   Continue reading