Lucas – From Old To New – Clash Of Perceptions – Clearing The Path For New Perceptions And You In The New – 10 June 2013

sunriseWhen the energetics of vibrational frequency with a bit of support of the illuminati’s  heavy spraying chemtrails  and HAARPing ELF waves and other frequencies  are provoking people to feel uneasy and itchy and even argumentative and angry it is time to see.  The real story is that of seeing the new develop after the old is let go off.  It  is by clearing emotions. It is by clearing old thinking patterns, dogmas ,etc, and it is via physical releasing that what is not beneficial to the body.  On all levels of being: body, mind and feeling is worked and shifted. It shows itself in having arguments, making your stand, or telling your truth. It shows itself also in heavy emotional outbreaks all over the scale from crying to laughter.  It shows again itself via disease, clearing of the bowel and intestines or via feeling nausea or having a cold, flu or some other undefined itch or ache somewhere. Whatever it is to come out to clear this individual micro level of perceptions  will come out.  

On the macro-level of perceptions  the screens are moved every time due to groups and people having legions build or broken up.  Seeking remedy for their loss in power, their crumbling energy power in the form of control over money, finance, labour, food, health, etc.  The “controllers” are brought to points of extreme polarity thinking and sometimes acting. Some are going the way of surrender or fleeing. Others are going the way of hardening their positions and keeping up the pressure via all sorts of actions. It does not work anymore as things are losing grip in the moment of now. It is volatile time for all as perceptions on things can change fast in all levels of polarity thinking.

What we will see is a resolute breakthrough. We have come now at the  edge of the cliff  and perceptions of the old  are now ready to be pushed over. All the shift coming with it needs to be channeled in the right way.  We need a peaceful and smooth transition into the new.  Not a violent, hateful and angry one.  This is the magic that needs to be sorted behind the scenes and I know it will be sorted with some help.  The critical mass we already have reached has made already certain developments stop. Monsanto and its continuing story has been railroaded and others will follow its tracks in derailing also.  The exposing the truth is not gonna stop. The time is up and now is the time for change.

The coming weeks are full of signs of desperation for some and for joy for others. Things oddly are taking 180 degree  turns around. The news travels fast as the controls on it seem not to function properly anymore.  New facts presented  in the news are going to be bombshells and old structures will get the stick.  Totally new ways of thinking will develop. It is not anymore about one person or a small group it is about what we can do for all and is best for all. More and more community thinking will kick in. More and more working together will be seen.

It is now the time to make also your own intentions towards the new clear. Not in a selfish way but as what it is you want to be and do. Get exploring new relationships and  contacts and visit old or new friends. Interact with whatever might give you new insights or will help you in doing that what you want to do or be.  It is all just fine. Go where this flow will bring you and enjoy the way.  These few weeks will for certain begin forming some clarity on what you will or can do in the new paradigm forming.  Also know all is change always and nothing is a constant.

It is all becoming clear in the things unfolding soon enough.  Also know there is no fear necessary for anything anymore. So there is also no need for attachments to manifested thoughts, to materials and property and to emotional feelings and ties. If you let go of them it does not mean you have lost now your property already or your thoughts or feelings are gone. It does only mean you’re not attached to them anymore.  Also put no expectations in any way out there and do not  live your life by other people’s expectations as it is truly not your way.

We will see that if you can operate in the now and from a neutral space there is less conflict. I say less as we are not yet all shifted totally into a unity consciousness that resides in the heart and mind. You need to see all your connections to reality of the now.  The connections of the spirit and new thinking center via the heart  and the physiological and computing power for daily work of the body, the mind. Both, heart and mind, are  connected.  Also is the spiritual and the common world connected. It is the link between the now reality perceived via the mind in its body suit and the now perceived spirituality from  source and higher self as a lightbeing body suit.  Still both perceptions are all expressed via vibrational frequency as it is all just that.

Integrating all and finding a neutral space for it in us and in all is only done if we move polarities together into the middle, the center.  So whatever extreme polarized spiritual view you have or whatever extreme mind view you have both are still interconnected and need to come to terms with shifting into neutral.  This will be done sooner or later. It is part of the process that will not be stopped.  The perception of how and who does what is up to you all to see individually. Is there one way that leads to Rome in all of this?  That is up to you to answer. I am not the methodical guy that says it has to be a certain way or it will not work. I see there are ways that have been used before and work but might not work for you.

Just get going and feel what is matching your resonance field at the time of now.  Even that perception and resonance field can change for you by new insights, an advice or a feeling that touches or an energy upgrade or whatever kicks in. Nothing is rigid in this space of now.  Keep an open mind and open heart.  Both will give you good indications towards what is for you to be or not.   So are you ready to take up the path of the new you you’re gonna form now. Know the clearing goes before the manifesting the new and therefore see the nice part is coming up also.

Love and Light,


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