AscensionPioneers – The spiral Of Spirit: Descending vs. Retrograding – 11 June 2013

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

All that we experience is neutral in its highest Truth. That which we perceive as positive and negative is merely a personal experience. Join me as I discuss the difference between descending and retrograding and different perceptions that govern our experience. So many are speaking about how to know “God” and about ways how to get there. Well, in Truth … we are always there already. We are direct descendants of Source … we are each a unique Source spark, so how can we not know “God” by our nature? We are never separated. This experience is natural to all of us. It is merely the perception of this separation that keeps us from experiencing it. True Source can only be felt … it can only be experienced directly through our own individual experience of Divine Love, which is always personal. There is just One Source Truth of Creation, but endless ways of how to remember it and how to come into our own Self embodiment.

Someone recently also told me how blessed I AM, and I merely replied: “It is not about who is blessed and who is not. It is about who realizes it and lives this way.”

Within Divine Love, Polona


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