Bill Ballard – Through The Portal Of The Anterion Conversion Into 5D – True Clearing – 11 June 2013

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Something majical and fantastic has happened this past week to many of us who have been holding the energies of New Earth. We went through the Anterion Conversion which is the small of the hourglass and transition from duality into Oneness. It is the transition from the old to the new but it is right here on the same Earth for all is consciousness generated from inside YOU.

For the original 11:11 group of volunteers, we have known this time would come since before the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in 1992 as Solara (11:11) at had explained that so well so long ago. The last and final gate of the 11:11 Doorway we joined to manifest in November 2012 is now here and open for all to pass through in this reality. Reality is made by our consciousness which is the key to all I have related to everyone for so long now.

The Anterion Conversion is that small point of the hourglass of time as we pass through 4D Earth into 5D Earth (which are both here and now) where one must have already ascended before they can pass through. Ascension is simply the shifting of the individual’s consciousness from the duality of brain thinking, ego and relations to themselves within this particular lifetime, and into their heart. Doing so generates the field of heart chakra spinning at Light speed which in turn generates the electromagnetic torrid energy field around their heart and their Merkabah to the exterior of that field. All in all the LIGHT Body is activated and in this new energy field that is like a gyro, their ascension process unfolds. That is simply the beginning.

To get there one must have not only shifted their consciousness to their heart but also cleared much of the karma. Karma IS the electron flow that generates the magnetic fields within the 4D illusion that causes emotions and creates the experience in the illusion. It is because of those emotions the brain is in a constant state of chatter before one ascends into their heart and shortly thereafter. After ascension it is a process of clearing of at least one of those opposite points that are the two opposing polarities that with the emotions, generates the experience in the illusion and keeps one tied to 4D-3D…. There is a process that must be gone through by each ascending being.

In this video I express my experience of what has unfolded, and also on the multiple levels and dimensional states of awareness I am reading from the field that goes over a long period of history. We have been expecting this time of the Anterion Conversion for many years and that time has come now. The portal which is the Anterion Conversion is open for all humanity to come through as they themselves go through their individual process. The first climbing up that cliff of consciousness into New Earth have arrived with their ropes of understanding to help guide others who wish to ascend, helping them to the top. Some of us are continuing on exploring the various levels of consciousness, again as consciousness trail blazers even deeper into All That Is.

I have so much LOVE and gratitude for all. We have completed the mission and just wait that time when all those incarnate pass through that small of the hourglass which is the Anterion Conversion…. I wait on this other side for all to pass through, as so many others are here with me too…

Bill Ballard
Manna Ra
Walking Star

The Ebook I wrote a year ago called “The Great Awakening”…

Solara’s Descriptions of Anterion Conversion from 1991 in my photos on Facebook:…

I have said all I know how to in the best ways I can about ascension. I have done this in blogs, the book above and in now almost 200 videos explaining all I can. It is only repeating from here trying to get others to comprehend, and I have removed myself from that need to get humanity to wake.

If you are on the ascension process and want to have more understanding and my video resonates, please watch my previous videos, and read what has been written as all has been stated in those. I feel the need to move on now…

Thank you for being you and for being on your path.. WE ARE ALL ONE!


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