Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Love Carries Into Eternity – 12 June 2013

gods20handGod said:

We share a life, you and I. You are to be My equal in love. What else can it mean but that when I say that We are One? We are One in Love. You, as an extension of Me, are the ruler of the world, and you lead by love. You lead by love, or you lead by default. You are My good right arm, beloveds. I rely on you to take the wheel of life and to spin it. You do spin it. Let Us know that where it spins, everyone knows. Let everyone know that the wheel you spin comes out love, and love alone.

Who would want the wheel to land on anything else but love? Can a billion dollars equal love? Oh, My, yes, you would love to have the money, and, yet, is it for you and you alone? Well, yes, it is good to circulate money. That in itself serves a purpose. And yet money runs out. You’ve spent it all. Nothing’s left. It was a lot, yet now it’s nothing. Money is not called a material thing for nothing. Material runs out. It turns out to be nothing at all. No, I take that back. Money is energy. I cannot say it is nothing at all at the same time as I can say that money is a pile of paper or metal, and money is only what you say it is.

Love, on the other hand, is love. It is a blessing. Love from your heart is true. I suppose a con artist can fake it. By and large, you cannot. Love is not effort, mind you. Love is free-flow. Love is the coin of Heaven and Earth. No matter what you say, no matter what you see, love, not money, is the coin of Earth. Love is not material. Love is not ephemeral either. Love is what lasts. When all is said and done, love is. Love goes out of your heart into the heart of another, and so your love is carried into Eternity. The truth is that love never ends. Love is never temporary. Even if you feel all out of love right now, your love given has been carried on. It is My love that you give. Even if you gave it long ago, it has never worn itself out. This is the way of the world, and this is the way of Heaven. Love is.

Earth is filled with love. The love shines its love-light on you. The moon reflects the sun’s light. The stars sparkle. All the display on Earth is for you. Note how the Great Sun and the Moon shine light, magnificent light upon all. The Great Sun and the Great Moon refuse not their love to anyone, whether anyone looks up at them or not. Even when someone’s eyes are downcast, still they receive My love. My love believes in equal rights to My light. Love is above, and so it is below, even though, in truth, there is no above, and there is no below. Above and below are illusions along with all the others.

Love is true, and there is nothing more to be said. When you speak of Me, you are speaking of love. Let only uplifting love issue from you, in silence more than in words. Be as thou art, and thou art love.

I will tell you a secret. Love alone is. You cannot be anything but the flow of love from your heart, your heart an intermediary for Mine. Love is the self-same love. There is One Love, and I AM it, and so are you. There is nothing but love in the Whole Cosmos, and I am IT, and so are you. Own up, beloveds. You are love. link to original article

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