I-UV – Project XIII – Update From Mark Hoza’s Perspective – 12 June 2013

0.jpgProject XIII: Update From Mark Hoza’s Perspective

This is an update posted in the Skype room; from Mark’s Perspective

I’m heading home from Morocco to Australia today.  I am very tired and a little sick, but will give a short update that Caleb sent the Project 13 app to Microsoft yesterday.  Yes, it took longer than expected.

It is new and nothing like it has been done before.  It will make secure communications over the internet possible in a way that could not be conceived of only weeks ago.  It is incredible, if you understand the significance of that.  Even N=S=A will not have access to what you put through it.  It is a beautiful thing.

Project 13 will be free until Caleb gets the payment facility working.  He wants it to go viral and get used.

It will start used on Windows Mobile Phones until the iPhone App launches July 1.  Silverlight version for Mac and PC will be available when he finishes that, which looks to be maybe around first of July as well.  We thought he could launch Windows and iPhone Apps 1June, but that didn’t happen, obviously.

http://vexsprotocol.com is Caleb’s little declaration of his “Virtual Extension of Selves Protocol” that is what he checks all his work against now.

http://www.projectxiii.com is the Project xiii site where you’ll be able to download the Silverlight version when it comes out and where you’ll be able to get new accounts.  I don’t know exactly when that will be working, sorry.

Everything there is being done in the new I/UV Exchange way of working, including the contract to extablish the project.  I don’t have time to explain in detail.  Need to fly out in about 2 hours and have to finish getting packed.

Heather is working on the I / UV Exchange tools so that people have examples of how they can access their value.  They already could if they knew what to do, but now it’s time to Impower people with tools.  I’m hoping for a short update from her next week.

Sorry that the show yesterday was so much about the “Crew’s” journey and so little about what we can now do.  I feel the hunger for a better life that you/we all have.  A sould searching trip for a small group doesn’t quite cut it, but the work that was done on that trip has helped in ways that may never be grasped.  It was important, but I really don’t think that just hearing about that was enough.  But that’s my point of view (reason for this room).

Tools are being created and they aren’t fully formed up, yet.  I wanted to talk about them in the show last night, but I don’t fully understand them, yet.  Heather is in the middle of creating them.  I am closely working with her, but she is really stretching me.  This is new ground for me and I will share as I come to understandings.

Must go now, but please know that there is work being done to give all of us access to our value in a way that anyone can do.  It is a beautiful thing.  The details of this are not quite yet understood by those doing the blogtalk shows and so they aren’t talking about details.  I’m hopeful that we will get sharing details before the listener base gives up in frustration.  As usable tools are made available it will get very, very exciting.


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