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Veronica – Balance – 12 June 2013

Often in the linear a feeling of unrest can arise where one feels they are walking a narrow tight rope.

It takes an incredible amount of focus in the physical to walk a tight rope. The body must know its core center to maintain the balance to get from one safe platform to another.

Likewise, spiritual balance requires focus and determination to move from one experience to another. Having a relationship with your core inner self also adds to the success of the endeavor. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Our Power Campaign – 12 June 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 11, 2013 5:37 PMCONTACT: Our Power Campaign

Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan
(415) 359-7324

Angela Angel
(510) 759-3177 Continue reading

Judith Dagley – Light Message From The Celestial Team – Your Sovereign Authority : Re-View, Re-Member. Re-Claim! – 12 June 2013

judithdagleycelestialteam judith dagleyNamaste, Beloved!

We greet you that way NOW because that is the greeting, in your language, that most applies to You NOW. The frequencies of the word “namaste” are rich and complex, just as your humanity is–but to us, all of them resonate with ”the God within all that WE are bows to the God within all that You are.” Please take the frequencies of those words into your heart center. Do so until You feel their meaning resonate, deep within your own heart. Feel that resonance swell as we say to You again, “Namaste to YOU, Beloved. Namaste!” Know that what You are feeling is your heart responding to your truth. Continue reading

IntelliHub – Jim Willie – Next Scandal To Break Is Leasing & Theft Of 20,000 Tons Of Allocated Gold! – 12 June 2013

GoldThe Gold manipulation will continue until the Gold market is totally broken, until the big banks that control it are totally broken, or until the USDollar & USTBond structures are totally broken. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – How To Detect Covert Hypnosis – 12 June 2013

laura brunoHere’s a nice little FYI for people trying to free themselves from automatic, controlled programming, including the formation of “appropriate opinions.” If you become familiar with this topic, you’ll notice all sorts of people trying to squirm out of all sorts of situations by using covert hypnosis. If you find yourself in a situation of outrage, for example, and then someone talks with you (or at you) for fifteen minutes and then you suddenly can’t remember why you ever felt anything but approval for what previously outraged you … um … kind of a warning sign, especially if the outrage was about something like torture, thievery, murder or other abuse. Another common sign of covert hypnosis is also when you feel extreme confusion about something that would normally be very clear cut — spinning your wheels into non-action. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Channeled Pleiadian Interview: Awakening To Pollution, Increasing Disclosures And Understanding Energetic Alchemy – 12 June 2013

Wes Annac: Hello on this beautiful evening, dear friends. Per a (not-so) recent discussion with a Galactic soul on a certain radio show, I’d like to request some more information about the healing and cleansing work you’re doing in our skies.

The Pleiadian High Council: We will be more than happy to provide our perspective on this matter, dearest Wesley, for we’ve indeed been quite active in our quest to help cleanse and mitigate the pollution still being widely fed on your Earth. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 12 June 2013

sheldan0 Kayab, 3 Eb, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! At this time our associates are making the adjustments and orders of scale necessary to ensure that your abundance deliveries are disbursed as planned. A series of final agreements and orders of contract are also now being completed. The moment is coming for these deliveries to be successfully initiated, and so the dark cabal is being closely watched by a number of Galactic Federation and Agarthan liaison teams, whose purpose is to see that no serious violation takes place prior to starter’s orders, as has happened so often in the past. As of this update, pre-launch operations are underway, and we foresee no impediments which might cause speed bumps or deviations from the path embarked upon. The many groups we are associated with have completed their to-do lists and are putting the required personnel into position. We are closely monitoring this operation to ensure a formal commencement at a predetermined time. These actions, once begun, will be the first strokes on a much broader canvas which is intended to change your reality out of all recognition! Continue reading

Scott Cundill – A Miracle Judgement! – 12 June 2013

https://i1.wp.com/www.newera.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/newera-logo-jun10-2.pngA miracle has just landed in our lap.

A young couple from Cape Town approached us after watching SABC 3’s Special Assignment, where the banks and their secret schemes were exposed. This couple handed us a written High Court Judgment where FNB tried to act as agents for one of their shadow corporations.

Judge Moosa told FNB that they have no case and he threw the bank out of court! FNB could not show a connection between the bank, the shadow corporation and the customer. Judge Moosa dismissed the bank’s case before they had even started. This is exactly how a Judge is supposed to act. Continue reading

Pete – What Is Eternal Essense Absent Limits?? – 12 June 2013

We were all created in the image of the Creator or Source or which every name you choose to use for the ONE that is ALL THAT IS! Source created all the BEauty that surrounds us EVERYWHERE to IFINITY!! The only way to define Source would be LOVE which is Eternal Essense!! Being created in the Creator’s image as ONE then we would all be the same as Source (no greater, no lesser) We are Eternal Essence Emdodied Absent Limits!!  The only limits we have are the limits we put on ourseves by either thinking we are not absent limits or by letting someone else tell us what to DO & who to BE! Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Love Carries Into Eternity – 12 June 2013

gods20handGod said:

We share a life, you and I. You are to be My equal in love. What else can it mean but that when I say that We are One? We are One in Love. You, as an extension of Me, are the ruler of the world, and you lead by love. You lead by love, or you lead by default. You are My good right arm, beloveds. I rely on you to take the wheel of life and to spin it. You do spin it. Let Us know that where it spins, everyone knows. Let everyone know that the wheel you spin comes out love, and love alone. Continue reading