Fran Zepeda – Mother Mary: The Dance of Love Back To Oneness – June 13, 2013

danceoneness.13Mother Mary:

Throughout your history you have trained and hoped for this moment, the time of ultimate Love and Awakening. Well, my dears, you have turned the corner and the floodgates are opening and nothing can stop the torrent of Love-Rain coming down and around and flowing within. For you are the essence of Love and what else would be your outcome??

My dears, you deserve to take a rest now and then, to accommodate the influx of energies and to accommodate the immense changes in your bodies, for it is speeding up now and into a flurry of activity for your greater being, for the well-being of all – for the greater good of all – for all depends on the development and action of each beautiful Light Being that you are.

You are learning to live and work in concert now – flowing within and flowing without, and flowing around and with each other. It has become a dance of Love, so to speak, choreographed by none other than Creator. But you all had a part in its design, and in your commitment it is becoming a magnificent rendition of the ultimate and deepest Love-Fest ever.

danceonness.7In your quest for knowledge and experience and creation you have built a very complex network and structure that can only be described as a bundle of variant beings now beginning to work their way out of the configuration of separateness to the configuration of Wholeness. It is requiring adjustment of many aspects of you, individually and of the whole, and so for the time being the outcome is not clear – the whole picture is not clear – but rest assured that the ultimate configuration and outcome will be so magnificent and stellar and perfect.

Just as every being in the animal kingdom knows what it is about, and bases its activities on the design of its essence, that part of you is coming out now; though dissimilar to the animal kingdom in some ways, it is the deep knowing of your purpose that is coming to the surface now and you cannot go wrong in executing it.

It comes in different timing and configuration for different individuals, but just as the different steps in a dance meld and combine together to create a beautiful and  whole dance and performance, you are stepping in time to the call of your essence and as long as you listen and follow closely, you cannot fail in creating together with all others the unprecedented ultimate creation and experience of Wholeness and Oneness and Unity Consciousness, fitting in and nestling in the arms of Creator with each part fitting perfectly.

And so you move forward, not exactly knowing what the next step is always, and not always understanding where you are going, but suffice to say, that in your trust and faith in coming back to your Center and your Heart, you are gathering fuel and direction for your next step. That is all we can ask of you, that you continue with always coming back to the quiet, still part of you, to gather yourself for your next move – and in many cases, no move at all, just an acceptance of BE-ingness.

I love you beyond measure, and what you have embarked on no one has ever done, but that is the miracle of Creation, and the power of Source; it is the seemingly blind faith, and also determined purpose of reaching down and within for the glimmers of understanding and direction in order to execute your individual step of the dance. Only you can pull this off, dear ones, and we are counting on you. And we work with you daily, hourly, and every minute, to use your sense of time frames. But you are beginning to see that this Now moment you are in is perpetual and complete and full of everything you need and want, if you just believe it so.

There is nothing to strive for, because you are inherently accomplishing it in your full embrace of Love and trust in your true Divine Nature. Let go of your doubts and settle into the knowing and sweet bliss and peace of your natural state, which is to be absorbed in, and act out of, Love in everything you do and say. It is the thread of everything as you allow yourself to weave the fabric of your True Essence back to Oneness with Creator of All-That-Is.

heavenonearth.marinapetro.comWe of the Company of Heaven are in awe of you and welcome you back with us as we work together in concert for a world full of Peace and Love and Freedom and Abundance. You are the foundation and the essence and the creators of that and if you could see from our vantage point, it is a beautiful masterpiece already.

You are in my Heart and my arms of Love, always,

Mother Mary


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