Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Despite Your Human Perception – 13 June 2013

gods20handGod said:

What is it that you want from Me anyway? Am I your fall guy? Am I responsible for any and every time something goes wrong with your life? – from your point of view, that is.

First of all, despite your feelings, everything is going right, not wrong. How can that be, you bewail. “How can it be that I lose my job and my house and my family? God, are You becoming fatalistic on us?”

You feel as though there has been some kind of collusion going on, as if I am the backer of all you don’t like.

Certainly the world sees travesty in losing a job, a house, a family. That which is yours, beloveds, can never be lost. Despite your human perception, a house, a job, and a family are not your safety. Certainly, you feel more secure with them than without. You call them belongings. A house is a shelter made of straw, wood, and brick as the story of the Three Little Pigs goes. You rely on your house of straw, wood, and brick. You think you are on a downward spiral if the bank takes it back.

Here’s the story, beloveds: Whatever happens in life, there is something you gain from it. Look for that. Look for the good of it. Something has flown into the past, and you have been granted a liberty.

You might say: “But, God, if there is gain, there is also loss. You have to admit that.”

I admit very well that you see loss, and you see gain, as if loss and gain are two steps of life. The two steps of life are love and love.

What you see is not always what you get. A mortgage can weigh on you too much. For a mortgage holder to mercilessly evict you from what you made a home seems to take security out from under you.

Beloveds, a house is not your security. Nor is a job. Nor even is your family. It certainly seems that all three are.

I say it again: Love is your security.

You say: “Why, God, surely my family is my security.”

Yes, beloved, you thought so. When your family left, did they take your security along with them? How could that be? You must admit that security on the outside is not security at all.

Your security is within. How many times have you heard that? Whatever you believe your security is based on is false idea. I know it seems like that to you, and yet it is proved everyday, even in the 3-D world, that even, without your dearest loved ones, you move on. One foot is put in front of another. You do go on. Your loved ones move on for whatever cause, and you move on as well. Life is a lot about moving on. Life is a lot about courage. Courage is a kind of trust.

You say: “God, I know You are going to say that You are the only security there is. Nevertheless, God, You have neither secured me nor succored me. You have left me out here among savages. I know I am lost without You, and yet I am at least somewhat lost without all the withouts that have had their say and their way and gone on to other fields.”

All the more reason, beloveds, for you to keep up with loved ones. For whatever cause, they have freed themselves from bounds, and so must you. Anything that keeps you in one place is a boundary. You are learning to let go. Sometimes life forces you to let go. Letting go means that you acknowledge all the good there is in the world to let go of. Keep love. Let go of attachment. / link to original article

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