Visionkeeper – Outside The Lines – 13 June 2013 by Music to read by below:

Yes, the time has come to drop the perfectionism and start coloring outside the lines wildly like a madman.  Ignite your inner creativity and let your freedom spill out before you in any way that pleases you. Be and do whatever comes to mind (within reason of course). We have set so many limitations upon ourselves in everything we do and so has the Government. How can we possibly be who we are meant to be if we are so busy staying inside the lines? Jump the lines and run free, with the wind blowing you about like an autumn leaf. There is the real you inside that is screaming to be released. Throw away the art paper and paint on whatever canvas is before you. Our time to be who we are is at hand, close at hand. You can feel the energy in the air, it has been building for weeks and weeks now.

We are seeing the waterfall of scandals erupting almost daily now, the White House is doing its typical dance around the issues but they will not go away. There is a drumbeat beating forth calling for the truth at last! This ridiculous NON-transparency the White House continues to hide behind, is driving the hunger for the truth to a feverish pitch. People have had enough of this insanity. Nothing in the world right now makes sense to most people. To those who are awake it does, it is glaringly obvious what Washington’s intentions are and it isn’t going to work any longer. The imbalance has become so great it cannot be denied. The press continues to do the dirty work of the dark ones, but their time will be up soon as well and I suppose they may well face charges for what they have done in due course. The people will tolerate their lies no longer! All anyone wants at this point is the TRUTH!

So get ready everyone. There may be some discomforting times ahead as the dark ones crash and the new world struggles to set things up in good working order. It is inevitable, but so welcomed. The end times of oppression are close and it will soon be time to jump the lines and color where we wish. Bright, bold and high vibration colors. So who are you? Who do you wish to be? What do you wish to do? Start thinking because the lines are about to disappear soon. Are you ready for freedom? Do not fear these times at all. Open your minds to allow the change to creep in, then again maybe it will crash the gates, who knows. All we know for sure is that it is close at hand and we best get ready.

We have been working towards this time for eons now. This journey has dragged along at what we saw as a snail’s pace but in fact the universe has kept the unfolding slow so all does not spin out of control. The universe has so much more power than we realize, it plays a major role in all we do. That kind of information will be spilling out as well in the near future as we learn more about who we really are and why we are here. This shift approaching us will be the grandest change for humanity we can ever imagine. That is why I say open your minds up. You will explode if you try to let in all the information that will be coming out into a closed mind. You will fight it when there is no need to. All is good, all is unfolding just as should in the time it should and we must trust the universe.

Blessings to us all,

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