Glenn Beck Arriving in NYC Searching For Big Breaking New Secret…That Will Change History – YouTube – 14 June 2013

Date: June 13, 2013, 8:36:43 PM MST/ (Lucas : Till today 14 June 2013 20.34 EST there is no news from Glenn ?! Is it just real or just a media circus, self-indulgence or a stunt, we will know soon enough.)

Subject: Glenn Beck Arriving in NYC Searching for Big Breaking New Secret…That Will Change History – YouTube

The link above sent to me by two different people as was the one I forwarded yesterday, is Glenn Beck’s latest message.  If he is correct and I believe he is we will soon be seeing the changes we have been waiting for.  I know a number of you are waiting for the Dinar to pay out, or the Farm Claims, or the programs.  Most don’t care which just something.  I understand you desire and your need, but my biggest concern is eliminating this crooked system and returning to the Constitution.

Having said that there are many that do not even know that we are presently not operating  with the Constitution as our Governments guide; and if they have heard it do not believe it.  Just do a search using whatever search engine you choose and put United States Corporation in as your search parameters and read all of the law that comes up.  You will see that the United States has been incorporated and at present we are operating as a Corporate Government and using UCC/Contract law as the law of the land, not the Constitution.  Those who are presently running the Country know this, they just don’t want you to know it.  That is what makes restoring our Constitution as our law so important, I believe the most important part of what is happening.

However, we all need to survive and that takes funds.  I know many will not believe this, but I have always tried to tell you as best as I can what I have been told and believe is correct and my sources have been adamant that all payments will be done through the Farm Claim and will use no other method.  Does that include the RV’s on the various currencies?  I cannot say for certain as that was not a method of payment discussed when I was last updated. We did , however, talk about the program payments and the individual updating me was certain that the only way that those payments would be made is if they were on the Farm Claim when it was submitted for payment.  I was told the reason for this was to prevent anyone who had subverted our freedoms from also being paid, as  the receiver of the bankruptcy of the Corporate Government, who is the paymaster of these claims and that individual can determine who does and who does not get paid.  It seems to me that the payments on the RV events are no different than the payments on the programs would be and as we have all seen those payments have not been made to date, although we hear every day they will be the next day, or the day after that.  Further, we constantly hear that Obama has stopped it, or someone else has, it changes depending on the day.  Could Obama be stopping it?  It is certainly possible, but if he is then he is helping us not the other side.  If payments are made now I believe that no one other than the other side, the cabal would get anything as the big banks would take the money from your accounts and you would get nothing.  Despite what people believe, the big banks do have the power to do that and you would not live long enough to win the civil case you could file on their theft.  If all the changes are made first, then how do you pay those who should be and not those who have destroyed millions of lives.  The only way I know of is to have the receiver control it and that suggests to me that the only way that can be done is on the farm claim. However it goes we should soon know the answers if what Beck says on this video is true.  We will soon know.

John MacHaffie  /link to original article

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