Kauilapele – Change…On The Path To “Highest Self” – (Update From Kauilapele) – 14 June 2013

130304_new_hair_guy_P1000378_crop_240_5Change. Some would say, “That’s what it’s all about.”

But I would say, “If we were living, moment to moment, in our Highest Self (God-Self), why is the ‘change’ thing even necessary?” In my mind, it’s not.

To myself, “change” is only necessary in my perception of what I am. And in my living place, or any other outer situation that no longer aligns with my Highest Self. And all those “things” that happen around me and/or with me, are all opportunities to change my perception, so my “outer” more and more aligns with that Highest Self.

I know this is all a process. Like my “leaving” Hawaii. And coming over here (now in San Jose… well, actually, Bellano Coffee is technically in Santa Clara, across the street from San Jose). As Hawaii began to not align with where my Higher Self wanted to go (on the path to ‘Highest Self’), I felt the urge to… change. And everywhere I looked, none of Hawaii islands, nor any part of Hawaii (Big) Island, was in any ‘Book of Change’ I was reading. Guidance was to move, and it felt like the mountains were calling. The mountains on that Turtle Island (North America… specifically, those united states of America).

So anyway, whatever “calls” these days, I know is calling from my Higher Self. Calling my perceptions (and me) Higher. Those “callings” are really all that matters to me… at this moment.

On the path to “Highest Self”.

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