Dear Readers – I Would love Some Energy Back That I Put In My Blog For You All – Donate Before Going On Holiday! – 16 June 2013

Dear Readers,

In a few weeks I do this blog as a mission for 3 years. I have done what I could to keep the blog going first from my own last money and then from sparely coming in donations that kept me with those supporting just afloat. As I have already mentioned I have no other income and have chosen to be living outside the normal way you do as going to work or whatever your do. I live from the donations that till now given me just enough to pay the bills of the most necessary. 

If you think blogging and other things I also do for free is easy. You are misinformed. If you do 365 days , 12 till 16 hours a day blogging, writing your own articles and comments also and keep also doing other projects time for myself I have never had in 3 years. No day vacation, nor a day sick.  I do all of this with love as it is my mission to get you informed and by that awakened.  I need not convince anybody nor follow anybody but my own authentic self and insights and knowing I have.  The only thing I see as a problem is the inequality in taking and giving energy back. I do speak not only in money and donations but in general still people see their own self-interest as prevalent to others.

In this new paradigm we will form together it is about US and WE not I and Me. Sharing and helping is part of that new fellowship we are going to travel on the road to our new destination.  It means caring and helping each other. So if you care about or appreciate the efforts put in this blog and if you do also appreciate the efforts of my fellow bloggers that have been on the same road in service to you all. Do not forget to give a donation and if you commercially also have profited from traffic of the blogs also give a bit back of that what you earn. Fairness and equality is not about only profit and greed.

Certainly in this vacation period now starting some people forget to support those that keep behind blogging, bringing the news without stopping a minute for you all.  So keep in mind to give only if you can or help without getting yourself  in trouble. Know love and a nice word is also appreciated if you have no options to share.

For all those other blogs in service  I say also for now thanks for supporting and not forgetting our work. Have a great holiday, or rest period and have fun and get your batteries loaded up in sun. Enjoy.

Love and Light,



You can find the donation button on the lucas2012infos blog’s main page or donate via PayPal  via lcspeciaaladres ( @ ) gmail. com put in also the reference:  lucas2012infos blog donation. Think also to donate to  those other truly inspiring websites and blogs, freely for you kept as lights on the firmament to help you on your journey with inspiration, knowledge and joy. In gratitude to you all. Lucas

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