The Pleiadians: Your Physical Body is the Messenger for Your Ascension – 17 June 2013


The channel has halted much writing as she received her upgrades for her own personal ascension in body.  In this time, her original connection to us, her teacher,  crossed over the veil.  This is because her work here was done, and she had shared enough of our lightworking tools, with enough people to carry planet Earth through it’s process of ascension.  Now, many have said, your planet has already ascended to 5th dimensional reality.  Yet, there are still internal aspects letting go, and wavering at times into other realities.  This is all part of the natural flow and process.

Your physical body is changing on a cellular level.  As a result, many are experiencing levels of illness they have never endured before.  This illness does not have to be terminal to work.  It merely is forcing you to pay attention.  Yes, dear souls, pay attention to the meridians the illness lays in your body.  Pay attention to when the illness started and what your emotional and environmental state were all moving through.  All of this is information of what your Higher Self is trying to tell you to release.  It is more intense for you now, because your new cellular upgrade cannot withstand any of your old paradigms.  We are talking about the parts of yourself that you thought just couldn’t change, and you had surrendered to just live with it.  Is it anxieties or fears that you never seem to shake no matter how much healing?  Is it judgments about the self, even self-hatred that so many on planet Earth harbor?

In our world, we do not even understand the emotion of self-hatred.  It is so foreign that when we began to see this surface in your hybrid consciousnesses, we felt extreme grief and sadness for you.  It is this very emotion we see, that has caused us to be so committed to helping here.  It is unheard of that a piece of God/Goddess/Source, experience this type of berating and loathing of ones own being.  Yet, this was part of the original plan, the original separation, to forget you are a piece of All that Is, Spirit, and God/Goddess.

So now, your physical body is alerting you to the pieces that are left that have remained fearful and self-loathing despite all you know and have addressed.  It is the mass consciousness you, as the wayshowers, are funneling through your spirit and psyche.

We do want to inform you that it will not last longer than one year.  Many of you can move through these physical symptoms showing up as dis-ease, or illness in a matter of months.  All it takes it total surrender, honesty, and movement on a level that you never thought you could.  If it means doing something that seems so rigid, such as eliminating all grain, then so be it.  Yes, the time now is actually to do radical things that seemed like too much before.  It is this level of intensity that will shift your beautiful hearts.  You are so beautiful to us, we want you to see this yourself finally. We want you to see it so clearly, and sometimes the only way to get it is to change your vibration with your food.  Remove all foods that weigh your body down.  You do not have to be like the majority. You are not the majority.  You are the purist hearts and souls, and the most passionate about accessing the light.  This is not an ego boost, or a better than statement.  This is the truth.  Someone has to do it.  There are always people who get it first.  It is part of the divine plan.  With love. So-la-re-en-lo.

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