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AdaptingGrace – Eileen Meyer – Ask And It Shall Be Given – 18 June 2013

eileenmeyerAs a collective, we need to support the artists and the journalists, and the bloggers, and the filmmakers, and the innovators of technology. They/we are demonstrators of what truth-in-action and Universal Value looks like, and I am so excited to see how Universal Value will manifest in you. Go on… show us!

We are the ones who broke rank years ago and have been trying to survive on the fringe – knowing in our hearts that it IS possible. Amanda Palmer (below) is demonstrating to all of the ones on the fringe that it truly is possible. I know that you will find this inspiring too – whether you are happily ensconced in the system or not. Continue reading


CLN – Richard A. Lovett – Electrofuels : Charged Microbed May “Poop Out” A Gasoline Alternative – 18 June 2013

CLN3What if you could make biofuels without using plants? Or oil without extracting anything from the ground? That’s been the goal of the U.S. Department of Energy’s “electrofuels” program, a $48 million research effort involving 14 separate projects that is wrapping up this year. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Alfvén Waves From Coronal Holes – 18 June 2013

Uploaded on 18 June 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Pam Martens – The Consumer Has The Power To Fight Back Against Wall Street – 18 June 2013

A study conducted by Edward N. Wolff for the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College in March 2010 made the following findings:

The richest 1 percent received over one-third of the total gain in marketable wealth over the period from 1983 to 2007. The next 4 percent also received about a third of the total gain and the next 15 percent about a fifth, so that the top quintile collectively accounted for 89 percent of the total growth in wealth, while the bottom 80 percent accounted for 11 percent. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – As We Change, The World Changes – 18 June 2013

Uploaded on 18 June 2013 by Ron Van Dyke The most difficult thing for me to see from my subjective vantage point has been recognition of the importance of varying roles. Because I so often feel insecure in my own role, I want others to affirm my viewpoint, providing what I feel I lack. What LIFE seems to be showing me is that others have very similar feelings. Like me, they have doubts they will be able to fulfill their role, which they perceive as their purpose or vision. That’s the dilemma of human life from a limited perspective of separation; yet separation is not the reality. A single Web of Life is REALITY! As we come to see this more and more, we change; and as we change, the world around us changes as well. I wish I could say I see it all clearly now; however, everything seems to be in a state of flux, oscillating back and forth on my mental, emotional and spiritual monitor. Interesting!

Visionkeeper – We Have No Beginning And No End – 18 June 2013

camp-creative-cute-floor-Favim.com-746460(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Music to read by below:

We are infinite beings! How convenient for the dark ones we bought into death and dying and made the funeral business prosper. All of life has been programmed and pushed along in a certain direction to make money! Life has been all about money and not our money unfortunately. As soon as we make it, clever ways have been created to take it away. Continue reading

Keen on George Osborne’s Ponzi Scheme – 18 June 2013

Uploaded on 15 June 2013 by MaxKeiserTV Stacy talks to Professor Steve Keen about George Osborne’s Help to Buy Scheme. As an expert on Hyman Minsky and ponzi economics, Prof Keen declares Osborne’s scheme, indeed, a PONZI!

EnergyNews – Radioactive leak at U.S. Nuclear Reactor – Reuters: No Evacuations Around Plant – 18 June 2013

enelogoNews-Herald, June 17, 2013: Perry Nuclear Power Plant shut down after coolant leak […] At about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, a reactor coolant leak was discovered on a recirculation flow control valve vent line, said FirstEnergy Corp. spokeswoman Jennifer Young. […] Steam appeared to be coming from a “weld location” […] While the coolant leaking was radioactive, no evacuations were necessary and the public was not in danger, Young said. […] Continue reading

TimesOfIndia – Turkey Vows To Increase Police Powers – 18 June 2013

ANKARA: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will increase police powers following a wave of anti-government protests.

The announcement came on Tuesday as police carried out raids and detained dozens of people suspected of involvement in violence against officers. Continue reading

5DMediaNetwork – The Collective Imagination Blogtalk Radio – 18/19 June – 18 June 2013

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Show starts  Tue 11 June, 2013, 07:00 pm CDT USA ,  Wed,12 June, 2013 02:00 am Mainland Europe

At this pivotal time in Humanities evolution we are beginning to remember our organic technology. A technology when used correctly, can create an experience that the majority of people the world over want to live. It is time to use this technology consciously for our own benefit and healing and no longer unconsciously for own demise. Continue reading