AdaptingGrace – Eileen Meyer – Ask And It Shall Be Given – 18 June 2013

eileenmeyerAs a collective, we need to support the artists and the journalists, and the bloggers, and the filmmakers, and the innovators of technology. They/we are demonstrators of what truth-in-action and Universal Value looks like, and I am so excited to see how Universal Value will manifest in you. Go on… show us!

We are the ones who broke rank years ago and have been trying to survive on the fringe – knowing in our hearts that it IS possible. Amanda Palmer (below) is demonstrating to all of the ones on the fringe that it truly is possible. I know that you will find this inspiring too – whether you are happily ensconced in the system or not.

I love sharing on this blog. I love writing, recording and performing new songs and poetry. I love providing inspiration and demonstrating how we can all break free of the fake world and fully live on Earth – NOW. As hard as it is, I need to ask for help. The last time I checked, AT&T won’t accept a song from me in exchange for cell service. The local gas station won’t accept a poem in trade for fuel so that I can drive 60 miles away to continue filming the Natural World healers who have much to share with you – simple healing practices with plants, herbs, teas, tinctures, and energy that our grandmothers practiced with quite successfully. Mother Earth has been available to help and heal all along… until she was silenced in the 1920′s… I want to tell you about that fascinating history in the documentary as well.

I am building a crowdfunding campaign, but I still need footage to create the 3-minute trailer. If you have something to offer in the form of a Paypal donation to the right of this page, I would be most grateful. And, if you’re in the same cash-less boat as me, well God/Goddess Bless you. I love you. Keep smiling. Hang in there. We’re going to make it through this awkward phase. I promise you.

Thank you Amanda Palmer. You are friggin’ amazing… and you inspired me, and gave me the courage to ask. If for some reason I receive more than I need right now, I will pass some along to the bloggers who have performed an amazing, heart-full service and have re-blogged some of my posts all over the world. They could use a little help right now too. / link to original article

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