AscensionWithMotherEarth – Poofness, Keenan, & ZAP Info by Benjamin Fulford: Five Star Trust Information – 18 June 2013 : As all I state discern yourselves I just give the info and it is you that decides if it resonates and of course what you think is true of not.)

Published: June 17, 2013
Updated: June 18, 2013
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The recent Benjamin Fulford report released on June 18, 2013 talks about how multiple groups are fighting against the Dark Cabal’s financial control via legal means. Fulford specifically mentions two groups, one being Neil Keenan’s Camp and the other is Marion Horn also known as ZAP.

See quote from Benjamin Fulford below.

The attack on the Sabbatean control of the right to print and distribute dollars and Euros is coming from several different directions. This includes several legal approaches such as the Neil Keenan lawsuit in Indonesia and maneuvers of the Five Star Trust group of Marion Horn now posing on the internet as “Zap” and friends of “Poof.” [Benjamin Fulford – June 18, 2013; Source Link]
Many people already know about Neil Keenan and his involvement with the Collateral Accounts also known as the Soekanto Trust.  Now Benjamin Fulford decided to release information that people have been wondering about.  “Who is ZAP?”

ZAP is associated with recently deceased, James Anthony Holmes, also known as Poofness. If you don’t already know, Poof, was giving uplifting and positive messages every Sunday about the coming changes to the world and also talked about a trust he was associated with called the ‘Five Star Trust’. ZAP recently came on the scene to fill in as Poofness replacement and update the global community about the new financial system which is also tied in to the Dinar & global currency revaluation, CMKX, Farm Claims, Prosperity Programs, and “The Event” which many other alternative news sources report. You can read ZAP’s most recent update from June 16, 2013 at the link here.

Thanks to AscensionWithEath.Com readers for taking the initiative to do some Google searching on Marion Horn and the ‘Five Star Trust’ that Poofness has been talking about for many years.  The reader pointed out a public document link to information about the ‘Five Star Trust’ which does contain contact information to the administrative office of the ‘Five Star Trust’.
I have embedded the document at the bottom of this article or or you can visit the source page to the ‘Five Star Trust’ document at …..
The document is published by Ernest Rauthschild and his website link is  Ernest seems to claim to have a connection with Marion Horn (ZAP), Poofness, and the ‘Five Star Trust’ but more information and research should be conducted to understand the connection between them.
Ernest Rauthschild also claims to manage $200 Trillion dollars in assets of those considered to be Free Masons, Illuminati, and Secret Society elitists.  Here is Ernest Rauthschild bio according to Mr. Ernest Rauthschild himself.
Ernest Rauthschild

” I am a Moorish-American International Businessman representing the 13-families controlling the world economy/banks. I am self-employed and own several companies including Athena Holdings, SA, SeaBey Financial Investments, LLC, and Gold Hedge Royalty. I am also Trustee of The Bey Family Trust. I also work with Central Banks, The Bank for International Settlements and Gold Bullion Banks. Most of my clients are Royal Families and High Yield Investors which I personally manage over $200 Trillion in Assets. I am a member of the Moorish Masonic Order; Knights Templar; Committee of 300; Tri Lateral Commission; Sovereign Church of New Zelean and 13 Family of Nations.” [Ernest Rauthschild; MySpace Source Link]

Further research indicates that the Five Star Trust in which ZAP aka Marion Horn is the Executive Trustee, shows that Mr. Marion Horn and Mr. Ernest Rauthschild are MySpace “Friends”.  You can visit Mr. Rauthschild Myspace here or you can visit Marion Horn ‘ZAP’  Myspace here.

Marion Horn has also posted public pictures of himself along with his ID Card that shows he is a member of the Free Masons and the Grand Lodge of Kentucky.

A reader also shared a link to research done by Wayne Madsen in regards to the ‘Five Star Trust’. The shared link is here. Mr. Madsen is quoted as saying…..

“Here’s what’s going on — Bushes use Five Star to move massive amounts of money around for their special projects. It was started in the late 80s with stolen Philippine money.”

“Horn uses Five Star Investment — a con artist company registered in the Isle of Man — to throw off people looking at Five Star Trust, another but real Isle of Man”[Wayne Madssen; Source Link]
Are these true statements by Wayne Madsen or is this disinformation in order to discredit the ‘Five Star Trust’?

Many questions will pop up regarding this new information that has been made publicly known by Benjamin Fulford.

You can officially reach Zap via Susan at the email and ask your questions about the coming changes and new financial system.

Editors Note:  As a person who is following every twist and turn in the alternative media community, I am always trying to stay positive which is very very hard to do with the continued publication and news about wars, chemtrails, hunger, poverty, main stream media brainwashing, the continued war on the Bill of Rights, and Constitution, fluoride in our water, GMO, False Flag terror events and so much more.  I personally have no clue as to the validity of the information that Benjamin Fulford has posted or all other information posted in public forums by other researchers and individuals.  I always urge those who are following this convoluted yet highly entertaining drama to take responsibility and do your own research and dig your own “rabbit hole”.  I also urge everyone who is interested to ask questions and talk it out with members of the global community.   I still believe that things will get better for humanity at least in the long run but as you all know it is an uphill battle if you are a human living on planet earth at this moment.  Keep up the good fight and we shall one day realize our Truth which has been suppressed for thousands if not billions of years.

Popcorn Monster & Deer Time….

Top Secret FBI Report – Five Star Trust Origins

Update – June 18, 2013

Here is an FBI Report about Poofness’ Five Star Trust.  These documents were in the public domain and was published by Darleen Gregory Jobson-Larkin and reported by Ernest Rauthschild.  The document pages were in JPEG format. I took the liberty to convert them to PDF and combine them into one file for easy reading.

A Top Secret FBI Report directed to Senator Edward Kennedy. Poofness & ZAP’s Five Star Trust History and Background Information discussed in this report. This information is in the public domain, republishing for research purposes. link to original article

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