EnergyNews – Radioactive leak at U.S. Nuclear Reactor – Reuters: No Evacuations Around Plant – 18 June 2013

enelogoNews-Herald, June 17, 2013: Perry Nuclear Power Plant shut down after coolant leak […] At about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, a reactor coolant leak was discovered on a recirculation flow control valve vent line, said FirstEnergy Corp. spokeswoman Jennifer Young. […] Steam appeared to be coming from a “weld location” […] While the coolant leaking was radioactive, no evacuations were necessary and the public was not in danger, Young said. […]

Reuters: FirstEnergy says no evacuations at Ohio Perry nuclear reactor […] U.S. power company FirstEnergy Corp said Monday there were no evacuations at or around the Perry nuclear power plant in Ohio after the company shut the plant to fix a coolant leak that was contained within the plant, company spokeswoman Jennifer Young told Reuters. […] […] Maintenance engineers discovered the leak in a small pipe inside of a reinforced concrete cylinder, or dry well, that surrounds the reactor. […]

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