ActionsOfLove – Chase Binnie – I UV Is Real And It’s All Energetic – 19 June 2013’s evolving perspective on I AM banking, BEing my own source of infinite potential, consciously creating ‘money’ or representations of value, and how I might use Project 13 to communicate and exchange. (~20 minutes long)

*The irrelevance of “quantity”: 10billion vs. 444 dollars, I don’t care the quantity because it only represents the energy that I feel between us. The value of sacred numerology vs. a high quantity.
*The irrelevance of numbers in our economy: I value a string of numbers and letters like 44tut44 more than I value a quantity of $49.99. I don’t care if it’s numbers or letters or a simple doodle. It only represents energy.
[6/19/13 2:15:56 PM] Chase Binnie: *Self-certifying our value and banding together as the One People to certify each others value as a way to communicate the worth of our IUV energy economy. How to get the hovercraft company to sell a machine for IUV vs. $$$
*Lastly, my experience with subtle energetic contracts: my parents offered me a car, but included energetic fine print. I said No way! Immediately after leaving the room, my friend called and offered a ride with cleeeean energy, freedom, joy, and love. I gladly accepted his IUV exchange of 1 ride vs. the gift of a car with guilt/shame energy. / link to original article

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